Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Decade Gone

Well I don't even know what you would even call that last one. Following the 90's, what is it the 2K's? Who knows. Anyhow, I enjoy the yearly recaps so much I thought I would talk up the last 10 years a bit and how things have changed for Joe & I.

Time magazine had their decade review with a crying baby on it. Stating it had been one of the worst decades ever. I guess in the world view the last decade would seem pretty bad. Globally, we had tsunamis, terrorist attacks, recessions, hurricanes, wars, you get the picture. Not much good to say. Life for the Papesh's was not so bad. And just like Charles Dickens said in a Tale of Two Cities, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It's painful to see all the hard times and sufferings of others when things are just going so well for us.

Life is indeed different as time tends to do to things. Dec. 31, 1999 Joe & I spent New Years Eve at my Dad's house with my brothers and their girlfriends. I figured my brothers would marry those girls and I'd have 2 great SIL's and all kinds of nieces and nephews by now. But as tends to happen the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. My brothers still aren't married but I guess Joe & I still are so that should count for something.

It's funny how I blog about so many trivial items in the moment but they aren't even worth mentioning in the grand scheme of life.

The gist of the past 10 years is this. We now have a nice house. Joe and I both have different jobs. I have a college degree. We have our three beautiful children. We lost Autumn Rose. We lost 3 Grandmas and 1 Grandpa. And a gabillion other little things that happened the last ten years that shape us, but is too trivial to mention in some nutty blog. The people who've come and gone, the travels, oh so much life we've lived.

Time changes everything. Things that seem so important right now probably will be distant memories in 10 years. What will be significant in 10 years? Will I still remember that in 2008 the Detroit Lions were 0-16? Seriously who cares?

Dec. 31, 2009 - Joe and the kids along with my Dad went to church and then to dinner. We were all home and asleep before midnight (except iron man Tommy). That my dears is not very exciting for a New Years Eve, but pretty significant in my book. In 10 years Tommy & Austin will be 18 and 16 and will probably not be spending NYE with me. However, I hope that Joe will be and maybe Ashley too if she isn't too cool at age 10 to be hanging with us. Dad can come too (I'm sure he'll still be buying hehe.) Lord only knows what kinds of significant and insignificant events I'll be able to look back on when New Years 2020 hits but I look forward to the journey.