Tuesday, July 12, 2016


  1. the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.

The word homeostasis was recently used to describe the living scene here at my new house by Tommy. It took a while but the family has seemed to adjusted well to the new normal, though I know there will still be hiccups along the way.  

"While it's happening it seems as if things will never get better...but they always do." - Coach Lou 

Tommy had to endure things over the past 3+ years that no child should have to endure.  There are wounds, there are scars, there is grieving; but there is also forgiveness and healing with time. 

For me and my son...my beloved Thomas Andrew...we have found a new understanding and stability. He is still the arrogant, smart, funny, athletic, always wanting perfection, overachieving golden boy. I had lost the loving boy that I held so dear for so long.  I missed him so much but now he is back.  We have a changed relationship, one that I pray will grow and thrive for many years. I am happy that he has a wonderful girlfriend, a loving and strong bond with his brother and sister, and a good relationship with his father.  For he and I, there will continue to be highs and lows but for right now I am going to be thankful for what we have most recently found...Homeostasis


For Tommy -  I love you honey - and I know you read this blog sometimes to remember the good old days so I hope this post isn't shocking or upsetting to you.  I am thankful for every today I am given and every yesterday that I have known even though so some were so, so painful... So to steal from Oasis' his song from 1995..."don't look back in anger...at least not today."  :)