Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hi-yo Silver...Austin's teeth

So I think I blogged last summer about him needing to get 2 cavities filled and what a horrible ordeal it was. In March at his check-up he was fine. So imagine yesterday my shock and horror when at his check up they discovered numerous cavities. I stopped counting after he pointed out four and said the word "crown." My four year old - well he'll be five when his work is done, has to have a flipping crown on his one back tooth. And I don't know how this is even possible but he has a cavity between his two front teeth as well.

Many of the cavities they'll fill with tooth colored filling but the crown will be silver. The tooth fairy will get a nice silver tooth when he is 12.

It was awful, they make the parent's wait in the waiting room and I could just hear him screaming back there. Tommy was with me and he kept saying "shouldn't you go back there and make them stop whatever they are doing?" Uh, torture. It was crazy, I never recall hearing him scream like that. He got out and you could just see that he was "shell-shocked" he didn't say anything and I said "geez, what were they doing back there I could hear you?" and he started freaking. There were twin boys in the waiting room at this point and I could see the look of terror in their eyes' wondering what was in store for them. Thankfully he calmed down fairly quickly.

So I had to go back and meet with the dentist and I felt about 2 inches tall once I was done. He went on about how tough it was to do anything because Austin wasn't very cooperative and they want to sedate him next time. Fine, whatever. He then says, "he gives you that kind of trouble brushing his teeth at home right?" and this is terrible but I lied saying yes. He doesn't give me trouble, he just doesn't do a good job and apparently I don't either. I'm sure that the sugar drinks he has are a culprit so that is our next plan of attack, getting rid of those. But what can I say we love our pop and our kool-aid. I haven't had a cavity since I was a kid, Joe's had one his entire life and Tommy has none. How come Austin has the crappy teeth?

The dentist also mentioned seeing an injury on the x-rays of his front teeth. Just another thing to make me feel like crap. I don't know what happened, all I know is Aus falls a heck of lot easier than most kids.

Needless to say I felt pretty darn deflated after leaving. I had class last night so Joe met me in Saginaw and we had dinner. Joe's ready to find a new dentist because it was such a bad experience and he made me feel like a crumb but I don't think there are any other specialists in our area. And I'm sure part of it's me and my hypersensitivity right now. But emotions aside, Lord knows how much we'll pay this time for this out of network pediatric special dentist. But what do you do, our family dentist took one look at him last summer and said "he needs a ped's dentist." I guess if we have to see this "great" dentist I'd like to not feel like a bad Mom when leaving.

Ugh, thanks for letting me vent a bit!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The writing's on the wall...

After much hype, not only have my beloved Tiger's not made the playoffs but after tonight's loss I guess they won't even be going 500. Eh, it happens. I stick with 'em. I bet a pop with a few of my students every year in our "Pepsi Crown 500" and this year I have to pay up, nothing new as I lost in all those other dismal Tiger years. I thought the students betting against me this year were crazy! But I guess you just never know.

There are still a couple shining points left for the season possibly though. Magglio is battling for a repeat performance as AL batting champ and Miguel Cabrera could possibly be the leader in HR's. There's still hope for some Tiger roar.

For me personally it was a great Tiger's year. I had the awesome surprise party for my 30th in April and then I went to two other games on my real birthday and anniversary. I finished the season 3-0 for attended Tiger games! Yeah! Austin is 4-0 lifetime. I am bringing him with me to all future games until that streak ends.

As crazy as the Tiger's make me, they are still my team and I'm hoping next year will be better. No fair-weathered Tiger fan here. However, I'd be a liar if I didn't say I'm all loving the Tampa Bay Ray's right now with all their hype! I hope they can somehow win it all. They are kind of like the 2006 Tiger's. No one ever expected them to do this well. And another great thing is the Yankee's are simply 2 games away from being eliminated from playoff action for the first time in over a decade. Oh cheers! I just need them to lose two more, or Tampa Bay, Minn. or Boston to win two more and they are out. Yeah! At least that dynasty has apparently crumbled (for at least one year).

Oh my beloved baseball. How will I survive until February when spring training begins again? :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Retail Therapy

The constant rain is such a downer. Joe's ballgame was obviously canceled so we went to Genji's for lunch then hit the mall. We were good and only bought a few things but it felt GREAT to spend a little $$. Penney's was having a great sale! Do you ever wonder if stores just psych you out with sales? I never buy anything for the regular retail price anymore. Makes me wonder have they seasoned me with high regular prices and the sale prices are truly the regular prices? I don't know if I buy anything that is not on sale these days. I think it must be some very intelligent marketing scheme. As it was I don't think I saw anything not on sale and you also got an extra 15% off if you used your Penney's charge.

For those of you who don't know, Genji is a Japanese Steakhouse and you sit at tables of 8 and the chef cooks for you. We sat with this family that was a couple probably in their 50's, their 19 year old son, and his girlfriend. The couple was celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary and she just seemed kind of "cold and stuffy" and I knew when they ended up seating us together that she was probably thinking along the lines of "oh great, we have to have our wonderful meal destroyed by this young family with two wild boys." But when we were leaving she said to me, you have two very well behaved boys at dinner. Made my day. The boys were in fact excellent by the way, I guess it helped that we were all starving after church.

Well I guess not too much else is happening. The boys are still doing well in school, they both seem to enjoy it. Austin did get in trouble on Friday. He was out of his chair at lunch playing duck duck goose. He apparently thinks he's the class clown. I told his teacher and she took him aside after lunch and he broke right down upset. I'm glad that he wants to please his teacher. Hopefully that is the last of his clowning around. There is a boy in Young 5's and he pulled the fire alarm 2 days in a row. At least Austin doesn't do that. Although in fairness, I guess one day 2 years ago Joe was picking up the boys from latchkey and they were coming in from outside and Tommy accidentally pulled it because he was jumping and hitting the wall. But still so far so good this year.

Will sign off. I hope everyone is staying dry.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School Fun

The boys survived their first week of school. I was nervous the last month with Austin because he just wasn't interested in Kindergarten at all. He finally got excited for school last Monday when we were packing his "book pack." He now calls it a book bag. ;) Oh, he's learning so quickly. He didn't give me any trouble taking him to school and you can see by the smiles he was ok. A Mom took pictures of the kids individually that morning in the class and Austin is sitting at his table writing and he looks scared out of his mind; he looked like he could explode into tears at any moment. I'll treasure that pic. I know he has cried a bit in class but not everyday and except for some whining Ms. Kristine says he's doing well. He's definitely interested in school though and doesn't give me any grief about going in the mornings. He comes home singing his number songs, practices his writing on a white board and will ask what letter a word starts with. So if you can't tell, I'm estactic that we've had such a great intro to Kindergarten!

Tommy is also doing well. I've been impressed with his handwriting and how it's improved seemingly. Although maybe I am just comparing his to Austin's?.? Tomorrow I have his first Sacraments meeting. He makes his 1st Reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Confirmation this year. Very big year for young Thomas.

My class is great! I have 15 firecrackers and so far so good. I haven't had any trouble getting to school in the mornings either. ;) Yay!

Hope all of you that have young one's back in school have made a smooth transition into the new year. Fun times!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Pregnancy Blog

Hi readers, so when I found out I was expecting I needed an outlet or I would have gone crazy all summer with my thoughts. So I have a private blog that I was writing on and only 2 other people knew about it, Joe and then Amy who figured out I was expecting right away.

I didn't think I'd keep it private or even keep it at all after announcing it to the World but Joe would rather I keep the finer details of the pregnancy more private. I don't want to scare any of my student readers with my emotional stories or belly shots or such and such in the future so I'll keep it private.

I know most of you readers as most of you comment so you're all welcome to come and read. Just send me an email which you can find in my profile and I will invite you. It's kind of religious themed too so that might scare a few of you away also, so don't feel like you have to read it either.

Have a great weekend. I've come down with a crummy cold. Ick.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Posted the school work here. Apparently the week back to work took a lot out of me. ;)

Actually it's going very well. I hope to have a chance to update this weekend. TGIF!!