Monday, March 31, 2008

The Dress...

Here you go. You have to let me know what you think of it. Joe likes the dress, doesn't like the shoes. Can you see the height of those heels? I just think Joe doesn't like me being as tall as him.

Go Get'em Tigers!

Yeah! Opening Day today! I think it's going to be a very good year! Good ole Joe found the Go Get'em Tiger's 1968 song for me this morning! I've played it on a continuous loop for the last 20 minutes and the boys are going crazy. I know we're weird, we ♥ Detroit!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fire on Ice!

Yep, just like the Detroit Red Wings that will be Jill and I as we have our draft today. I'm so excited! I went and got my skates sharpened and am ready to go! We then have another draft tomorrow and the Bay City League begins Monday! Yeah!

Speaking of the Red Wings Joe and I went to the game last night as my Dad had given us tickets for Christmas. They lost 4-3 in overtime but it was a good game. $1 pretzel night, Joe didn't pig out like he did on $1 hot dog day where he had 7. Odd as you know Joe never turns down a good deal. As usual we had the luxury of being surrounded by a bunch of drunken wing-nuts. They were loud and obnoxious typical crazed fans and there were no kids around so I was able to ignore the near constant cussing in the row behind us. By the 3rd period they were pretty hosed and the guy behind me ended up elbowing me in the back of the head when the Wings scored. He apologized profusely, no big deal it didn't hurt or anything. But then a few minutes later I'm leaning forward and I get beer spilled down my back by the same dude. Fun stuff right? I was fine, he again apologized over and over and over again and I think Joe was ready to thrash him but held off.

At Disney the tram people always say they want your adventure to be in the park and not the parking lot. Well we had a parking lot adventure. Joe wanted me to take a short cut through the parking garage and me "follow the rule Nerda" didn't listen and ended up on the top of the ramp. That seriously had Joe more upset than the beer incident. Darts to me for not trusting him I guess. We were only in the ramp for about a 1/2 hour, not too bad I didn't think.

Thursday Jill & Amy and I went to the Somerset Mall which is the creme de la creme of malls. Very fancy. Louis Vitton, Tiffany's, Gucci, fancy fancy stores to name a few! You won't find Payless Shoe Source or even JCPenney's at this mall. Oh and this is where the beloved MacBook was purchased. Amy's daughter Emily got a Build-A-Bear, that was a neat experience. Jill and I also indulged our sweet tooths at the Godiva Chocolate store, spending 15.50 on a fruit kabob and 2 peanut butter cups! Oh that was sweet evil. I bought a $24.00 luxury bath deal at a really interesting store where the soaps get cut just like blocks of cheese. My $24 expenditure will give me 2-3 great bathing experiences. I'll smell lovely and my skin will be silky smooth with no harm to the environment. :) The saleslady had an accent so I felt all high class and all.

I just about made it through the mall without spending a fortune when I happened into the White House/Black Market store. I tried on one dress that didn't work and Amy quickly bombarded me with many more dresses to try on. Along with the dress, they got me to buy the most expensive shoes I've ever bought, a shawl, and bracelet. The dress is cool looking and something I would have never tried on if not for Amy's classy tastes. I think I look good in it. If I had on Go-Go Boots I'd look like a character out of Austin Powers. Yeah Baby! I'll have to take pics. Joe hasn't seen it yet; we'll see what he thinks. So in one afternoon I think I blew my yearly clothing budget. At least I have three major events this spring to attend so it will get good use.

Easter Vacation went by very quickly. It was nice and relaxing but I guess I can say I'm ready to go back to work. I miss my goonie students and crazy staff. ♥ I could go for a few more days of sleeping in though. Oh the life. The boys need to get back to school too. They are getting a little too big for their britches around here. They're just bickering a lot, not getting enough sleep, eating too much junk, watching too much TV, you know all that child badness that happens on vacations.

April arrives on Tuesday and then the busiest time of the year for the Papesh's begins. I think spring has far surpassed Christmas time as being the busiest. But you know what? July will be here before we know it and we'll be bored! Perfect time for a visit to some out of state friends (if you ask me nicely) and maybe a trip to see the Mouse in August and before you know it, it's back to school.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Hockey

Here is a link to an article that ran in the Bay City Times yesterday about the ladies hockey. Pretty cool eh? (click on the avatar)

And Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy's & Crappy's

Unbelievable I know but I've not been blogging up to my potential lately. Here is an abbreviated version of life the last couple weeks.

Happy - Autumn's mass that was intended for her was wonderful. Joe & my IL's were all there too.

Crappy - I broke up a bit at mass; I guess I still mourn her which really isn't crappy just a bit surprising some days.

Happy - I took my class skiing and it was awesome. Tommy did super and my Mom and brother went along too. My Mom about broke her butt but did survive and I think she had a good time. I should post pics of her.

Happy - My class had an awesome Pi Day on 3-14. Fr. Bill made us an awesome black raspberry pie with homemade whipped topping. I ♥ math!

Happy - I'm on Easter vacation! Double Happy!!

Crappy - I got a nasty gram on my van at the mall yesterday as my back tire was parked over the line a bit. It went along the lines of "think of others before taking up 2 (the 2 was circled) parking spaces." Joe thinks it's hilarious and cool that someone took precious time to write the note and waste a valuable piece of paper. I just feel shame. ;) And btw, there was a vehicle parked on both sides of me when I parked and when I left. I will work on my parking.

Happy - Lent was especially uplifting spiritually for me this year and I'm working on some bad habits and things that need "cleansing" in my life and I am pleased with my progress. I still need work though but recognizing your faults should count as a happy.

Crappy - I've had a perpetual sore throat all winter that comes and goes.

Happy - Spring is here

Happy - Hockey!! We had a couple of Mom's only events in Saginaw and we scrimmaged. It was AWESOME! They are starting up a 9 week league in Bay City. You can bet I am joining!

Crappy - Gas is $3.30 a gallon.

Happy - I got to talk to my brother Jeff last week for the first time in a couple years on the phone.

Happy - The volleyball teams are both undefeated! And I have 3 great ladies I'm co-coaching with this year! :)

Crappy - Joe is going to Maine for a few days this week. We will miss him and we'll nearly starve too. ;) And he doesn't even like seafood!

Happy - We had a wonderful Easter get together with my IL's today. Our family was in charge of the egg hunt this year. It was eggcellent!

Crappy - My thyroid meds need to be upped again! DOH!

Happy - I saw the "2" on the scale this morning for the first time since September. =)

Crappy - I stepped back on in disbelief and couldn't get the "2" again! DOH! I'm getting close though. Maybe my higher meds will help in that regard. I'm certainly flabbier in places these days.

Happy - Angie & Tim got engaged! FINALLY!!!

Happy - Austin had good appointments at the dentist and his cardiologist.

Happy - We're going to Grandpa Moon's tomorrow for Easter! We don't see that family very often.

Crappy - My Grammy has been gone almost a year and my Grandpa is really sad. It must be so hard to be alone.

Happy - I'm making strawberry cheesecake right now. Be jealous, very jealous. ;)

Did I say this was going to be abbreviated? Yeah right! At least I have more happy's than crappy's. Life is good, just busy. I'm looking forward to having a week of relaxation, it will be nice to sleep in everyday.

Love you all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

No time for a good postie these days. I hope everyone is doing great and has a fabulous day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey Jess - When you get your Wii, we can play GH3 over the internet. ;) My students would absolutely love this. Thanks for thinking of me when you saw it!

In other news, I had hockey again tonight. It was fun and not nearly as taxing as last week. My endurance is building. And Jill didn't need her inhaler nearly as often this week. Hehe.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Tommy's team won the championship this morning 2-1 in double overtime! It was uber-exciting. Joe is so wonderful to allow me to post from the MacBook! The team did so awesome. They were all just flying.

My heart can't take the excitement! I will post some pictures from the game later.

Btw, Tommy's team had their semi-final game yesterday and won 9-1. Tommy had a goal! Yay!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A peculiar exchange yesterday

Yesterday morning I was getting my lunch folder out of my mailbox and there was a note in there from Julie showing that the mass intention for next Friday's mass was for Autumn Rose. She just wanted to give me a heads up and I'm glad she did. I would have totally been shocked opening up my bulletin after mass tonight and seeing it in there. That is so nice; my former principal and her husband were the ones who did that for us.

Anyways, I get to my classroom kind of frazzled as it surprised me and so I text message Joe. Here is the exchange. Now let me preface by saying that Joe being the phone guy at work will have different cell phones on occasion to try out and it's nothing for him to call me from some strange number so when I got the first reply I thought it was indeed Joe just on a different phone.

Me: Mass for autumn next friday. im in shock.

Stranger #1: What?

Me: Mass intentions from the r*******s

Stranger #1: I think you have the wrong number

Me: Im sorry

Stranger #1: Who is autumn and what happened to her

Me: We had a stillborn daughter in dec.

Stranger #2: Huh do i now u

Me: I think my phone is goofed up. Im sorry. gotta run

By now it is almost 8:30 and my class and I head to mass so I'm thinking about this exchange the whole time I'm in church. I get back and here are the new messages on my phone.

Stranger #1: Its ok

Stranger #1: Im so sorry. I dont even know u and that makes me want to cry! that must be a terrible thing

Stranger #1: But it sounds like u have faith and that can help u threw anything

Stranger #3: Who is this (I just ignored this one)

Stranger #1: I attend mass on sundays and this week I will say a prayer for u and ur baby

Me: Thank you so much

Stranger #1: Your welcome

So I don't know how my phone ended up sending my messages to 3 complete strangers but you can see that Stranger #1 and I had quite the dialog going. It was just interesting, well interesting to me. I don't know what all you readers think of it. Me thinks maybe it was just another small gift from the Holy Spirit. Hey, you never know. ;)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Chicks with Sticks...ON ICE!!

Ahh, I will be sore tomorrow but oh what fun. Jill is supposedly going to post pictures tonight that her daughter took of us. I imagine we look real great. I wore Joe's equipment and the pants looked like a strapless dress on me. I actually probably looked like an Ogre. Or shrunken head person. I may need to go out and invest in some equipment that fits.

All I know is that I seem to skate really really fast but cannot stop. I crashed twice during the skate race and everyone kind of went "ooooohh" both times. I hit my head the 2nd time but hooray I was ok! I can't wait to go again on Monday. I'm definitely bottom of the barrel player here, and I thought I was going to be awesome. For real! Smilie-Muylle only needed her inhaler about 10 times and she stops as well as I do but is smarter and just coasts to a stop! I had a Grandpa out there telling me I was doing well, he was probably so annoyed that he got in the group with Vicki & me the newb, note not n00b; Joe will love that techy term. Everyone was really nice though. Sheri was trying to teach us how to stop. She's probably regretting asking me to play about now.

Tommy's learn to play hockey camp coaches were there running the show. I know they would remember him but I didn't mention him. I wouldn't want to embarrass Tommy. I am not worthy. Maybe in a few weeks when I'm amazing I will let on.

I know I need to get to bed but I've got such a high right now from my exciting night. I'll be dragging tail tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to move. I have a new found respect for both Tommy and my Dad. Hockey is not for sissy's.

TAG I'm it!

I've been tagged. It was only a matter of time before it happened. ;) Thanks Melinda. So I get to answer all these exciting questions to the best of my ability and you can read all the interesting facts about my life.

10 years ago-- Joe and I were newly married I'd say. Very happily too, they say that first year is the hardest, I completely disagree. It was great! I think we might have just gotten our little Pomeranian Bari from my IL's. He was such a little rat dog but I loved him. I was working for min. wage at the Ben Franklin.

5 Things on my to do list today were:
1. Get progress reports out.
2. Bathe the boys.
3. Try on hockey gear.
4. Grade some papers.
5. Go play hockey!

Things I would do if I were suddenly a Billionaire:
Take an awesome vacation to Disney. I'd bring all my friends and family too! Build an even more awesome school than the one I already work at. I'd take my students and their families on the vacation too. Remodel the house. Let Joe quit his job.

3 of my bad habits:
1. Cracking my knuckles
2. I'm too lazy to get a glass so I drink out of the bottle. (I'm working on this one) I always open a new bottle for company so don't worry if you come for a visit. ;)
3. I'm terribly disorganized & a slob

Jobs I've had:
1. Ben Franklin clerk - I got to do everything from cutting fabric, to scooping fish. It was a great high school job.
2. I did clerical/secretarial work for a couple years at a couple different places. I roamed as a Kelly girl.
3. Front Desk Clerk at a hotel.
4. Substitute Teacher
5. Catholic School Teacher today!

5 Things people don't know about me: gosh doesn't my blog family already know everything?
1. I used to eat raw hamburger but don't anymore because of the threat of ecoli.
2. I almost dropped out of college to become a beautician.
3. I think red-heads are unattractive.
4. I don't handle confrontation well.
5. I kill plants except for one that I've had for 11 years from when my friend died.

Choosing who to tag next will be nearly impossible so I'm picking the same way I pick jobs for students. Your names are going in a hat. Kelly, Jill M, Angie, & Michelle - TAG YOU'RE IT!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sports Action Extraordinary

I just changed the title of this post after realizing that it's consumed with sports talk! Maybe I should find a sports header!

Tommy's team won this morning 4-1 and are now 3 games away from winning the league tournament. It's great! A player had a birthday party at the rink today and our family stayed for the open skate. Austin did great today! He was happy to be out there and he stayed on his feet well and didn't freak when he did fall. I'm so proud of him. I need to get the camera out there when he is skating. He doesn't make it far but his balance is great. Movement will come. During the "party" part the parents ditched the kids and where did we go? Hooter's of course! The team parents are just too fun! One of the Mom's turned 40 today so she got sung to by the Hooter's girls much to embarrassment I guess would be the right word. Happy Birthday Margaret!

Maybe I should go to Hooter's for my 30th? How about NO! I have Tiger tickets! They went on sale yesterday. We also have tickets on our 11th anniversary! I'm so excited to go. We also got tix to a Yankee game. Hopefully we'll kick some ARod butt! Speaking of baseball, spring training officially arrived yesterday when Joe & Tommy decided to head outside and throw the ball around. They looked a bit rusty if not a tad cold as well. Die hards!

Volleyball is off to a good start and the teams look pretty good. We have away games this week; lots of travel ahead. On Friday we played at recess and the first team I was on won really easily. So we switched me and another player and my team still won. So I was joking that is was all because of me and they gave me some teasing and "yeah rights" so I said I bet I could beat them all by myself. They took the bet and I DID!! It was only a game to 5 but I still came out victorious 5-2! In their defense it's almost harder playing with more people but still it's another feather in my cap! I will be bragging about that one for a while. They would kill me in basketball though.

Tommy loved the Red Wings game. You can read all about it on Joe's blog.

My high school basketball team had an undefeated season this year (first ever). They were going for the district finals on Friday night and lost to Nouvel! You might remember from my November blogging that it was Nouvel that also ended our undefeated football season and they ended up being the state champions! My poor Reese Rockets, they just can't finish off a great season on top!

So I think tomorrow I am going to "learn to play hockey" class in Bay City with Jill and Sheri. I'm a little nervous. I'm also worried about it starting at 9:00 as I'm one of those nuts who goes to bed fairly early or at least relaxes the last few hours of the evening. I may pay for it on Tuesday!

I can't believe that this post is all sports! I think our life needs some balance to it. I did go make noodles yesterday for the school soup supper so I did have to floss some domesticity but that's about it! Shh...don't tell anybody.

Hope everyone reading is doing well. Gotta run!