Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another Austin Accomplishment

He was only successful that one time but needless to say we were both thrilled!  

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well why don't you cry about it?

Life does happen sometimes you know.

I often get perturbed when I have a crazy bad day and someone will throw at me, "could be worse."  Of course it could be freaking worse!  I know those are good words to live by and yes life "could be worse" but darn it sometimes I may have a blue day and it's not the end of the world.  Life isn't always sunshine and roses (even at Christmas time).  However, again if I get down in the dumpsy I'd appreciate people just acknowledging it and letting me move on instead of the whole "appreciate what you do have."

This week the stupid couch wouldn't go down the basement.  I have beautiful new furniture upstairs that I'm thrilled with.  Downstairs I was planning on sending down our ratty 10 year old plaid set down and I bought two feasible lazy boy chairs that aren't the trendiest of items but match said plaid set nicely.  We now have 2 ugly yet extremely comfortable chairs and I hath been given permission to buy new furniture; a real wife would be thrilled right?  We ended up at a clearance center for another loveseat as we know they'll fit.  So we have a power reclining loveseat waiting to be picked up.  We'll see how lovely it looks.  I keep telling myself it's just a basement.  The whole couch deal really flipped my lid.  I just didn't want to spend another $800 for a piece of furniture that I didn't want or really need in the first place. But that's life. 

2nd piece of crap deal - Tommy has the flu fierce.  He's been puking all morning.  So now on Christmas Eve's Eve we have to worry about everyone getting sick.  Could be worse right? 

Joe and I were supposed to go out today and finish our shopping.  He took the day off, I signed the kids up for childcare.  It was going to be great.  The whole day together.  Once Tommy puked a second time I just saw the life sucked out of Joe.  He was so depressed.  Somehow Joe and I will get back in sync either both depressed together or so happy together and hopefully by some miracle no one will be sick the next few days.  It's not looking too good though is it? 

I guess maybe all I can do is cry...but I won't because it's not worth crying over because truly it "could be worse."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Fail Card 2010

This is probably a record getting this on here a whole 11 days before Christmas. Now if I can only get the real cards done and sent out before the big day!  We are getting pretty excited over here for Christmas.  Ashley loves everything Santa until the real guy comes around.  She flipped out when he tried to talk to her when we to the annual Breakfast with Santa.  But she loves pointing out Santa pictures or figurines. She's been so much fun this season, but it's Austin who is really excited.  Of course he is the one I've had trouble getting a nice picture of.  Silly kid. I hope that everyone is enjoying the fun of the season.  With 2 snow days I've been able to catch up a bit on real life. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Bye Movember

While I do appreciate the reasoning behind "Movember" I am so happy that December is here and my husband has begun shaving again.  It was a "hair-raising" experience to say the least.  I do not like facial hair at all.  I don't appreciate the prickly smoochies and I just don't think Joe looks good with facial hair. Other men, specifically big baldies can pull off the look just fine.  Maybe when Joe is completely bald the facial hair will look better.   

So Joe and his cronies at work decided to try and help change the face of men's health by growing some hair. I'm not sure that they made a big financial difference in the cause but maybe they did help with awareness of men's health.

And who knows, maybe I should give up my razor next year too.  With my furry genes I'd have a thick redwood forest growing on my legs in about a week.  So in honor of all those men who didn't shave in November here is my top 5 list of favorite famous people with facial hair.

1. Yosemite Sam
2. Colonel Sanders
3. Hulk Hogan
4. The Super Mario Bros. 
5. Ned Flanders

And who here thinks Conan should shave already???

And finally adding some pics of the "Mo."  I put them in B&W because my Iphone for some reason made him look really jaundiced and bleh.  I'm so happy to have my handsome hubby back to normal.  He looks a little too much like Paul Blart the mall cop in the stache pic.

 And one more thing - Now that Joe knows I'm posting this he says I have to put a link to his Team page if anyone wants to help with the cause. ;)