Friday, November 26, 2010

Well I finally did it.

After two long dramatic years of wondering should I, shouldn't I; I finally cracked and joined Facebook.  It became apparent that just about everyone is on there and I really was missing out on a lot.  And all of you who are on there do know how many conversations you have with other people that start with "did you hear such and such on Facebook?"  I was tired of being out of the loop.

I had really convinced myself that I didn't want to be on as Joe warned me it would be a huge time suck and my computer would be at risk, yada, yada, yada, but it really hasn't been that bad.  I'm not a posting fool but I am enjoying going and looking at everyone's pictures and hearing what they're up to. 

I didn't know whether or not to allow students to be friends and I just followed suit with Amy and I am allowing it. I am waiting for them to ask me though.  Frankly, I know how teenagers are and I figure the ones that want to be friends with me obviously will not be too rowdy or have crazy stuff on there.  My thoughts, if they can show it in front of me they probably can show their parents too. So no worries there. 

What I do find crazy is all the quizzes and games and I am staying away from those per Joe's advice.  Because I really don't need another addiction and from what I hear Farmville is the shiite. 

Anybody wanna be my Facebook friend?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Austin's New Skill

Obviously the 8 weeks of extra physical therapy have helped.  He can now jump and get both feet off the ground.  Before he would drag that right leg.  So kudos Austin. 

It looks like his hockey will be starting in January.  It'll be Sunday mornings and we are so excited.  Everyone has been so supportive of it and I'm sure he'll have a lot of fans there watching him, even though it'll be quite a drive.  Can't wait to share all the action with you all! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Golden Boy

Yeah, you know I have to be talking about Tommy.  What can I say the kid is on a roll.  This post will probably be just a bunch of shameless bragging but the dude is having a phenomenal fall.  Here are a few of his recent accomplishments.

His hockey team won a tournament in Flint last month.

He got 2nd place in the local KofC spelling bee and qualified to go on to the next level in January.

He was inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society at school.

He got a 4.0 for the first marking period placing him on the Bishop's Honor Roll.

He got the highest AR total in his class; reading for 102 points.  He's cruising through the Harry Potter Series.

He was elected Vice-President on the Student Council.  He got to emcee the Halloween Assembly did an awesome job.

We had the awards at school today and another Mom asked me how he is able to play sports with all the reading he does and getting the good grades.  Tommy is just one of those kids where everything comes naturally to him.  The only thing he does not do well is art.  Luckily for him we live in a computer age and he does all of his school projects on the computer.  He doesn't need a steady hand for that.  He also can live with less than normal sleep, he stays up way too late reading but still manages to not suffer in the morning for it.  He gets that from his Daddy. 
Every so often he'll jovially start in with the chorus of "oh lord it's hard to be humble."  It's bad because he's good and he knows it.  Hopefully he'll be able to keep it in check though and also not get too stressed out about being perfect.  I don't expect him to be perfect as no one is.  His opening hockey weekend he had a breakaway with less than 12 seconds to go in a tie game and he missed the net.  Oh the chance to be a hero.  He cried about letting his team down.  But it was probably good for his head that he missed.  Because even the golden boys need to be taken to task once in a while.