Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm losing control!!!!

Okay, I say that tongue in cheek. I am suffering from severe prego brain and have done some dumb stuff. I've got Freddy Mercury singing "I'm Going Slightly Mad" in my head and I think I believe it. I'm forgetful, I do stupid things, I'm clumsy, it's horrible! I just have lots on my mind I guess. Here are a few of the doozies that are on my mind.

*I worked the Dow last night and our stand was off by $1000. Idiot me forgot to empty out one cash register...Duh.

*I left my closet door open today and Austin found one of his nice Christmas presents. Gosh was he excited. Tommy comes downstairs and says, "Mom, Austin saw the Thomas present in your closet, you left it right out in the open." Followed by a very gleeful Austin squeal, "Mommy guess what!!" you can ad lib the rest.

*I send Joe to the basement with other Christmas presents hoping to avert further disaster and almost send him down with one of his. Double Duh.

*The Great Migration has begun. Joe & I moved downstairs and the boys have moved to our big room upstairs. We still have work to do but it's a start. We'll all sleep in the new rooms tonight.

*I had the craziest dream last night and I swear every aspect of my life was involved from Tommy's hockey parents, to current and former coworkers, to my new baby. I could probably fill a whole page detailing this very vivid dream. It was a baby boy and I left him home alone for 5 hours and knew I had to get back to him but I just couldn't, something kept preventing me from getting there. I was afraid he was going to die of starvation, or if he didn't die I knew that he was going to be taken away from me by child protective services. It was freaky. I even commented at the Texan last night (Joe and I had a late 11:00 dinner date) that the food would probably give me crazy dreams. No more Texan so close to midnight.

*I have to go to Detroit tomorrow for 8:30 to fight my ticket. Throw in a monster storm and I pray it doesn't take more than 3 hours to get there. The forecast is calling for 5-8 inches. I imagine the boys will have a snow day. All I know is they better not cancel my court hearing if I make it down there!

*Today at church I had no focus, I kept thinking about the Christmas program, senior luncheon, next week's all school mass. I did more people watching today than participating. Ugh!

*My Astronomy final is a week away. I fear for my current B as I seem to have an attention deficit problem lately.

*I have an OB appt. tomorrow at 3:00 and I don't remember where I put my pee pee cup. ;) Haha, just kidding I know where it's at. Remembering to pee in it tomorrow morning might be another matter though.

At least I can laugh at all this. My humor shall deliver me or maybe at worst leave me divorced. ;) Speaking of humor, a little Thanksgiving goodness. My Mom is the only person nutty enough to put food coloring in her gravy and we've had some interesting gravy colors through the years. Austin was so freaked thinking about Grandma's blue gravy from last year. I heard about it 5 times that day before we got there. He came into my room that morning and I wake up to "I don't like Grandma's blue gravy!" So along with the blue which was requested by Tommy for the Bay County Blizzard, Grandma kept some normal gravy. It is hard to eat mashed potatoes and blue gravy. Blue anything should be blueberry flavored, it's a freaky mind over matter thing. Kind of like Green eggs & ham I suppose.

Almost time for bed, hopefully with some sweet dreams.

***UPDATED*** Well I survived my trek down to Detroit. The roads weren't too bad and I got there almost two hours early so I ate solo at Bob Evans. They had a herd of us, processed us like cattle, gave us two options, 1st - write it for double parking, no points, pay $155 fine, clean driving record...or wait forever and continue to fight it. It's a sham but I got out of the points which is what I guess I wanted. I came home and slept for almost 3 hours. I dreamed I missed my appt. and was just fuming at Joe for falling asleep. Too funny.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To Facebook or not

Oh dear, like I need another internet craze to consume my free time. Joe took the Facebook plunge a while ago and has all of MY friends writing on his wall, following him, yada, yada, yada. I'm truly missing out aren't I?

Should I hold out? I do but I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything too spectacular. But sometimes I can't even keep up with everyone's blogs, emails, etc. How will I keep up with Facebook too?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fireplace 1 ~ Tommy 0

Tommy ended his 5+ year ER drought by having his forehead cracked open Friday night. He wasn't playing the smartest. The goal was to run as fast as he could down the hall, jump on a laundry basket, then land on a pillow. Well the laundry basket shifted and he was too close to the fireplace and bang! Man that wound bled a lot. He was surprisingly not "too" freaked about it but was worried about having stitches until they said they'd put on some numbing gel first. They were debating between one stitch and the glue, the glue worked fabulously! He has no restrictions and even went to hockey yesterday where he had his team pictures. You can't really see it but his hair has this wild wave.

As you can see the dude needs some bigger hockey pants. I don't know how he's gotten so tall. He also needs new school pants and jeans, busted out of his tennis shoes, and his winter coat and snow pants were too small as well. How does this lucky kid get a new wardrobe and I don't? hehe.

And what's with the toothless grin??? All four pictures were like that.?#$?

Happy Sunday everyone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

1st November post!

Man am I slacking! Astronomy is kicking my butt. Hockey is in full swing. It's report card/conference season. Tommy's Reconciliation classes are happening. It's just been busy. Life is good though and cheaper with gas hovering around $2/gal. Yay! Both the boys had good report cards and their teachers are pleased. That makes for a very happy Mommy. Double Yay!

Here are a few pics that are way overdue from Austin's birthday & Halloween. Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away?

My MIL trying to surprise the boys. They weren't fooled. ;)

Amy's classroom, a few of my students had some fun of their own during the assembly.

Myself, Amy, & Jill ~ Amy's costume rocked!

Tommy, Aunt Noni, and Austin ~ Austin was just the cutest penguin.

The cupcake cake ~ Austin is no longer afraid of fire.

Thanks for looking.