Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is having a great day with family.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moved On

Hmmm...odd emotions as I write this one. I foolishly let myself get caught up in an abortion debate on BBC. I say foolish because I learned long ago that no matter what stance you take neither side is going to be swayed so I usually skip those threads. But I didn't skip it and in a matter of hours it's got over 100 posts. One gal posted a graphic pic on there and it was followed by another lady posting a pic of her baby she had lost at 22 weeks. She didn't say how or why the baby had died. Anyways, it of course got me thinking about my Autumn Rose. And when she died the hospital had mentioned shadow grief, about how important dates would be harder for me. Well her due date was on May 19th, and I can honestly say I hadn't though about her due date until just today. How on earth did I not think of it in the last four days? It bothers me that I am so busy that I had forgotten. Especially since we've got it on our long list of things to accomplish this weekend to put something new out on her grave. I've thought of her, just not about her due date. Last year it weighed heavily on me. I'm sure Ashley has helped me immensely in moving on.

It's just crazy. I love my darling, precious, and just sweet sweet Ashley so much. If my prayers had been answered and Autumn were here I wouldn't have my Ashley. I just don't understand life sometimes. Having her here, I've easily forgotten about the struggles with Autumn, and I've already forgotten how scared I was when I was pregnant with Ashley. I've forgotten that we didn't know she was a girl until she was born. It seems like she's been with us forever and in the next sentence I'll tell you I can't believe she is really here. I've forgotten about the Heaven-Help-Me blog (still gotta get that printed). I've forgotten that it felt like I was going to be pregnant forever.

*side note* I hear a child talking upstairs. It freaked me out momentarily.

I hope all of this makes sense. Tired brain...must go back to bed.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Passing the buck

Being bad here as my class works diligently on Global Studies. Anyhoo, you can find new Ashley pics on Jill's blog. She just stopped in with the Princess herself to tell me to visit her blog quick. Can I just say how lucky I am that I get to bring Ashley to work with me? Julie and Jill are doing an awesome job taking care of her while I work.

And yep, the blog has been neglecting among other things. Good old Jill always picking up my slack. ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ashley Update

Before I forget!

She had her two month check-up on Thursday afternoon. She's doing great except for some rough cradle crap. So we get to use the Selsun Blue and Cortizone cream. Both the boys also had cradle crap. I was hoping to not have to go this route because it stinks so bad.

Growth wise she is doing awesome. She is now 22 3/4" and weighs 11 lb 13 oz. Big girl!

She got her shots, that wasn't fun. It just breaks your heart watching her go from happy girl to really hurting. Thankfully she was fine soon after and wasn't the least bit fussy the rest of the day. So I was thankful for that.

Well she is grouching for breakfast so I must run. We survived our first week back to work. Only 3 more weeks to go!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Austin's big hit!

Austin has been playing baseball this season. He is having so much fun and he about makes me crazy on game days because he can't wait for his 6:00 game. He is 9 for 9 at the plate and has not had to hit off the tee once. It's coach pitch. You can see he does really well getting righty on the bat and see his little trot down the baseline. He's pretty much just slower than everyone and of course only uses one hand when fielding. I have to get video of him catching and throwing, it's quite a sight. He just figures things out in his own little way. On Opening Day he I swear had the biggest applause when he hit that ball. I was so proud. He has had quite a following, my Dad, my Mom, Joe's Mom, the Muylle family, Julie & furbaby Allison, his teacher Ms. Kristine, and Fr. Bill have come to a game. Everyone is probably so tired of hearing Austin talk about it they knew they had to see him in action. Enjoy the video.