Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Super Fine 2009 Top 9!

So here it is, my annual report of the year 2009. It seemed to have less quantity than years past, maybe it had more quality. Not much unique to write about but it was still one for the record books.

#9 - My haircut. At least I waited until after Ashley was born. Did anyone see Rosemary's Baby? Remember when Mia Farrow shed her long locks? **shudders** And now I look over 30 but good.

#8 - Our Northern LP Michigan summer adventure to Mackinac Island & Avalanche Bay - Ashley's numerous poonami's had us rethinking our diaper choice after this trip. A great trip though and something different for the Papesh family to do besides sporting events or WDW.

#7 - Baby Showers - I was surprised, not one, not twice, but thrice! How blessed are we? People were so excited for this newest addition to our family. I think we got more with this baby than we did when having Tommy. Of course the people in our lives have changed as have we. How much better off are we in our 30's than we were in our 20's?

#6 - My Mac Conversion - La la la love it! It's just so easy to do seemingly hard things with IMovie. My 8th grade graduation special was the best ever.

#5 - The IPhone! - La la la love it! I've had the same phone number since August 1998 and had never lost a phone or even needed one replaced but I get my beloved IPhone only to have it stolen 3 weeks later. CRAPOLA! Thankfully it was covered by insurance but I think if I lose this one, I'm done. This is the year of the smart phone.

#4 - Tommy's Sports - One hockey tournament victory with another great year with the Bay County Blizzard. I just love this hockey family. He also had a great baseball season playing Little League and on two tournament teams. He didn't do so great in the higher age division so he'll just play with his age group from now on. It was a good life lesson for him to ride the pine pony and it didn't seem to really bother him at all. Finally, the basketball debut. It was an exciting two weeks of games. He doesn't have height on his side but he definitely has the drive and a competitive edge. It was fun to watch something new.

#3 - Austin's baseball. I don't think I've ever been a more proud Mom. Watching him work through his physical struggles never ceases to amaze me (and sometimes sadly frustrates me). He can now put on his coat which has been a therapy goal for well over a year but sometimes it takes so long it's just easier to do things myself. His t-ball experience was so wonderful. He loved it. Being he was 5 and we've played in the yard for a long time he actually did awesome compared to some kids who'd never swung a bat before. He can keep that eye on the ball. I remember the opening day ceremonies and they called his name and he come running out as fast as he could in his crazy gallop, he fell hard but got up before a coach could run out to help him. Everyone was worried but he got up and continued on. He got the most amazing applause that day. And then the first big hit! I can't tell you how nervous I was to see him in that batters box. But he hit the ball and again had the most exciting applause from both sets of fans. He always did so well, he never had to use the tee. I'm tearing up reliving it. He has one more year of t-ball and than sadly it may be the end of his ball career. Everyone else will improve astronomically, he will still struggle. Outs will count, the kids will hit harder, and throw harder. I guess we'll wait and see.

#2 - Sacraments - Ashley's Baptism at the school mass was such a memorable day in my St. Elizabeth life. Sharing her special day with all the students and staff who are such a big part of my daily life as well as my closest friends and family made it a day worth remembering. Tommy's 1st Communion & Confirmation was also high on life list of great days. The kid loves his faith and was so excited for this day. He read the 2nd reading very well and just looked proud as a peacock on that day. We had a nice party at our house squeezing in almost 70 people on a horrible weather day.

#1 - Ashley's Birth! Was there any doubt? Any birth of any child should be a top-ranking life event, forget just a year. And it seemed like we waited forever for our beautiful baby to arrive and how thrilled were we to be blessed with a perfectly healthy and beautiful baby girl. It has been such a fun and exciting 9+ months of having her here. I think she has made our family complete.

Honorable Mention goes to

Coed Softball
Chicks with Sticks
Disney Vacation
JoDa's 12th anniversary
Tommy started altar serving
Halloween fun
SE golf outing
The Indiana Adventure
The grill fire
The basement flooding
The Christmas play - Red Angel Tommy & Green Angel Austin
New March Mommy online friends

Monday, December 21, 2009

Season's Greetings

And I thought photographing two kids was hard, three is nearly impossible. So without further ado, the Papesh family junk Christmas photos.

And as always, the snail mail cards will be sent out as close to Christmas as possible.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Big Bear Champs

Tommy's team just won his tournament. I was thinking he wouldn't get a tournament win in 2009 but in his last skating weekend he come through. I haven't seen him win one since that first house tourney back in January 2008. I missed the May 2008 win because I was with my class in DC and obviously I missed this one due to illness. The team won 2-1. This was Tommy's first tournament win with the Bay County Blizzard.

Want to hear some irony? The team they beat was the same team that knocked them out last March on that last game to get to play at the Joe Louis Arena for states. You might remember Tommy had been very ill that whole week and we debated letting him play last year. Thankfully that's where the irony stopped and we were victorious. Joe already sent me some pictures from his phone, they're not the clearest but here you go anyways. Way to go Blizzard!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Disruption

Well the stomach flu hit our house and gave us 4 young ones a good thrashing. It hit Ashley around 3 am Wednesday morning and Joe was certain it was the jumbalaya rice that Amy had given her at lunch the day before. She was immediately vindicated when myself and the boys became dreadfully ill on Thursday. Joe in his old age has luckily been spared.

One positive of this is that it's an excellent way to lose weight. 9 months to put on, 9 to come off they say. Ashley is going to be 9 months old tomorrow and according to my impressive 3 day weight loss of 5 pounds I have seen the "2" on the scale for the first time in forever. Alleluia!

So Tommy & Joe went down to Trenton for a hockey tourney last night. Tommy didn't play in the game yesterday because he was too weak but he is playing as I type this. Me and the little ones stayed home, Austin seemed to recover the fastest but then was hit with another round of nausea last night in my bed of course. ;) Lucky me.

Another positive is that it's given me lots of rest time. I've caught up on my People Magazines from November and am cruising through Eclipse. Good times.

And shall I say that I haven't gotten nary any Christmas shopping done? At least I have 6 days off of work before Christmas. Yay for Friday Christmas. No need to panic yet. It might be a good idea to get a list going though don't you think?

No more sickies!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm still here...

I've just been crazy busy as I'm sure everyone is this time of year.

My house is suffering but for the most part we're all holding up pretty well.

I am enjoying December. It truly is my favorite time of the year though as Joe would say I love all the seasons when they are just beginning. I guess it's a good thing I live here in Michigan. But December is more than the beginning of winter to us obviously. I love the excitement the kids have, I love working on the school Christmas program, the senior holiday luncheon, the parties, the decorations, church services, seeing the family(s) (yup all of them) ;) and of course all the FOOD!! Plus, Tommy still has hockey games which I think is my favorite thing to do on the weekends. Minus the long drives. Could life get any better?

So yeah, the house is a disaster but honestly I don't really care (too much). About the only thing getting me quasi-down these days is Ashley and her sleep etiquette. But like the seasons, I know her sleep craziness will not last forever.