Sunday, February 26, 2012

Geez; another month off.

It's been a month.  I come on the blog and leave, wanting to write but never knowing what to write.  I just need to do one of those crazy 30 day daily posting deals and see if I can get back into it.  For now, I think I'll just do a life update Happy/Crappy style.

Happy - Austin continues to do well with hockey.  He's had a four or five games recently.  At the one game they "orchestrated" a penalty shot because he was barely able to get to a puck as most of the kids have gotten pretty good and honestly though he's better the other kids are moons ahead of him.  Well today he had a game and they simply had him cherry pick and he got two goals and I think they were legit but after hearing about the convo Austin had with the goalie I don't know.  One dude is awesome and just did all the work and Austin banged them home. He was pretty proud.  He said later that the goalie told him, "stay right here and when the puck comes shoot."  Oh well, we'll take it.

Happy - Tommy's hockey team continues to win in the Little Caesar's playoffs and are going back to the Joe Louis Arena for the finals on March 13th.

Crappy - Tommy's hockey coach from the last four years is leaving the team after this year.  This may be Tommy's last month as a member of the Blizzard as we look at where he wants to go from here.  We're exploring making the leap to AAA. Time will tell if he's ready for the long travel and good enough to make a AAA team.  This week will tell a lot as he could be playing out of town three times this week. 

Happy - Tommy turned 11 on February 4th.

Happy - Tommy and his buddy Kyler cantered the Psalm at mass for Catholic Schools Week and Ash Wednesday.  They did a beautiful job and I heard so many compliments about them.

Crappy - Tommy does not like singing.  :(  He's says it's nerve wracking and some kids say singing isn't cool.  Pray he can continue to live above the influence and would rather please his mom and teachers versus his friends for a little while longer.

Happy - Jeff & Shannon's bridal shower; what a lovely event. 

Happy - Another Memorable $100 Dinner Dance for school.  Fun, fun even if we didn't win any money.

Happy - My dear friend Amy turned 40.  Her hubby threw her a little surprise party at the Olive Garden and then some coworkers and I destroyed decorated her room for her.  She loved it and so did her students.

Crappy - A lot of people I know have friends/family who have died recently.  Last week in particular was really bad. 

Happy - Tommy's basketball team got 2nd place in their school league.

Happy - I went to private confession for the first time in many, many years.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Heck it was good for me.  Very therapeutic.

Happy - Tommy got Bishop's Honor Roll in the 2nd Marking period which is a perfect 4.0.  He is the only student in the school who has been perfect all year so far.

Crappy - Austin continues to seriously struggle in school and I am really getting complacent about helping him.  Some days I just don't think I have the strength and thankfully Joe is usually there to pick up the slack.  But I'm working on it (see about trip to confession).

Happy - Austin's potty scene is getting better.

Happy - Ashley is doing great in dance class; i.e. she doesn't cry when we go anymore and dances all the time at home.  I got to watch her at a midterm "recital" and I just LOVED it!

Happy - Ashley continues to overachieve in Honeybees.  She's making those little babies look really bad.

Crappy - Ashley is getting kicked out of Honeybees. :(  Time to move on to Tumblebees.  No more Mom and Me gymnastics class I've got to stay on the sidelines.    I know she's ready.  Me, I's be thinking "where me baby go?"  She'll be three in a couple weeks.

Happy - Our spring vacation plans are really taking shape and I see it coming quickly.  We leave for Florida for a Non-Disney vacation on March 30th.  We are doing one character dinner at Chef Mickey's and I bet we ride the monorail around too.  Nothing like torturing ourselves.  Honestly though I've been dying to see the Harry Potter park at Universal so hopefully it lives up to the hype.  We're also spending a day with our Detroit Tiger's in Lakeland.  Yeah!  They're winning it all this year; I'm calling it. 

Happy - Tommy & I mastered mini-jumps on the ski hill at Apple Mountain.  Who said this old dog couldn't learn a  new trick?

Happy - My hockey is still going well.  I even had a tin league hat trick a few weeks ago.  Two goals in one game.  Boo Yah!

Crappy - Our cleaning lady is going to be gone for a whole month.  Don't plan on visiting until April!!! I'm only half kidding.

Well I suppose I've rambled long enough and thankfully as always the happy's definitely outweigh the crappy's.  Thanks for reading those of you that are still with me.