Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Top 10 Events of 2010!

Again a rather tame year but one of the best yet! Here is my 2010 Review

10.  Ashley's Honeybee's - Hard to believe we already have her in organized classes. She loves it and I love going with her when we don't have hockey.  Thankfully she always gets to go as her Godmother Julie or Miss Jill & Tiffany will get her there if we are busy.  She is really getting mobile and verbal these days.  Love her to death!

9.  The Blizzard Bus Trip to Notre Dame - I think it was the coldest weekend of the year but we thoroughly enjoyed this trip to the beautiful campus of Notre Dame.  My Dad came with us to visit with an old army buddy so that made it even more pleasant.  The Basilica is just beautiful and mass was very wonderful.  It was The Baptism of the Lord weekend, so the church was still decked out for Christmas. It was a very conservative mass; neat experience.  The Grotto is so beautiful too. 

8.  Kid's Sports - Tommy's hockey team won 4 tournaments and was runner up in 2 tourneys.  His baseball team didn't fare as well this year but we enjoyed playing in a couple of travel tournaments.  His coed basketball team did awesome only losing one game which I think they could beat that team if had a chance to rematch.  His class is going to be awesome.  Austin's coach pitch - Another super year for Austin.  He loved it! 

7.  Washington DC Trip with my students- I'll just say everyone survived and I think most people had a good time. ;)  I sure did!

6.  Our Northern Adventure - We dusted off the camping gear for the first time in years and roughed it in the Brethauer backyard up in Interlochen.  The kids loved swimming in Lake Michigan and seeing the Blue Angels at the Cherry Festival was a very unique experience.  Would love to go again! 

5.  Chicks with Sticks - I'm still loving my ladies hockey.  We've taken 2nd place in my two seasons we had in 2010 but it's always a great time.  I scored a few goals in the winter season but none this fall.  Hopefully I can remedy that soon.   I'm a very clean player having yet to receive my first penalty.  My big accomplishment in 2010 is I can change on the fly even jumping over the boards.  boo-ya!  I'm hoping in 2011 to be able to lift the puck on my backhand.  

4.  Tommy's double overtime goal in February - Tommy had rarely scored ever, in fact he only scored 3 goals all season last year all in February.  However the big game taking us to the finals at The Joe Louis Arena is one we won't ever forget.  3 on 3 in double over time and Tommy bags the game winner.  I think I cried (which is dumb).  The 2001 Bay County Blizzard then went on to win the finals at The Joe in March 7-6.

3.  Austin's 1st Reconciliation - Hard to believe he is of age for sacraments.  This year will be such an important one for him.

2. Our family room in the basement - Joe and his step-dad Jim put in a lot of hours of hard work converting a room in our old and yucky looking basement into a fabulous family room.  Joe and I often remark that we built the house wrong with our huge bedrooms and small living areas.  Well we remedied that this fall.  We've also become "that family" putting a 58" TV down there to boot.  Joe and I have his and her recliners and I've already napped down there numerous times.  I think we've become my Grandpa and Grandpa.  It's wonderful and I'm so glad we finally took the plunge and did it.  I put hours of sweat equity into it doing the paint job but Joe did most of the grunt work. 

1.  My brother came home - and he is doing awesome!!  We are so blessed that Jeff has been home for almost a year now and is thriving.  He has a wonderful girlfriend and along with her daughter I think they would be a welcome addition to the O's family. He was given a chance with a job at hotel doing housekeeping and is one of their most reliable workers and is doing great.  He and my younger brother Scott just moved into an apartment here in town together and I can only see good things in the future for both of them.  He's proof positive that people can and do change.  And honestly how many of us have done things in our lives we aren't proud of?  Way to go Jeff!  Keep up the good work!

Honorable Mention
  • $100 Dinner Dance - We didn't win anything but looked great in our Roaring 20's Garb.
  • A couple of rocking 40th birthday parties - Bryant in February, Jill in June
  • Disney trips - one in the spring; we spent a great day at Animal Kingdom with the Dreyer family.  In the summer my Mom brought her young family.  We love Disney but don't plan on going in 2011.
  • JoDa - 13th Anniversary - yummy Gengi
  • Coed Softball - always a good time, the Mud Bowl was especially comical.  
  • Reese Varsity Volleyball - Made it to the state semi-finals first time ever.  3 of my former students were on the team!  
  • Todd & Julie's wedding - Absolutely stunning couple. 
  • Ashley's 1st Birthday - Too bad she had a cold and wasn't feeling the best.  She was rather grouchy. 
  • Tommy's 2nd place spelling bee finish for the K of C and 4th place finish in the Lutheran/Catholic battle.  Darts to homonyms.  peace/piece & ceramics.  
  • Christmas Play - Tommy had a pretty decent part as California boy Aaron.  Loved his orange spray tan.  :)  And the boy can sing.  
  • Austin's improvements - He's reading well now and his extra therapy is definitely strengthening him.  
  • Cedar Point & Michigan's Adventure  - Always a blast!!  
  • Skiing
  • Bojo pool parties
  • Halloween - Boo, Sully, & Mike were a real hit! 
I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch but that is a pretty big list!  Bring on Prime 2011! Happy New Year!