Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College for Knowledge

So I started another semester at SVSU. Teachers are kind of like doctors in that we are constantly learning; updating our credentials to better serve our students. You have to have a plan when you do this, most teachers work on a masters degree. I chose to get a science minor. So I have the great pleasure of taking classes with young kids. Every year I go back and feel more like a dinosaur in the classroom. I'm taking geology and the teacher reminded me of Forrest Gump. He spoke in a long drawl, kind of like Forrest Gump. I have to write a paper in this class and keep a journal. Such a PITA for a freshman level class. On our break a kid was walking with me and started saying, "the internet was right" and went on about how our professor is terrible and was raked over the coals on ratemyprofessor.com. I checked it out tonight and sure enough it looks like I'm in for a long semester. So not cool.

So it was 11 years ago that I started college. Some days it doesn't seem so long ago. I know on my first day I was crying at Taco Bell because I had to eat alone. I was so embarrassed/lonely sitting there all by myself. Funny thing was it close to a gas station and while I'm eating I see Joe pull in the gas station on his lunch break from work. I threw away all my food and almost got hit by a car in the drive thru, and ran through a ditch to get to him. Life is so much easier with cell phones for sure. Anyhoo, I cried and cried in his arms thinking I'd never survive the loneliness of college. I can only roll my eyes now as I go back yet again. We'll see how another semester goes. Life is getting busy, that is for sure.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down Like Piglets

Hehe. Not really like Piglets but that's how Austin sings it. The proper line in the song is...

The rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down
In rushing, rising, rivlets
'Til the river crept out of it's bed
And crept right into Piglet's

I don't think it rained at all in June and July and now it's rained for a week. We've had some sunshine between storms but I guess we're now making up for our drought. Not so bad I guess but I've tried to go canoeing 3 times this week and had to cancel every time. Tuesday was helped by Tommy as he got sick overnight. He must have ate something crummy.

I made it back into the classroom this week. It felt good to be back. New year = new beginning and high hopes for a great year. I had a couple of my girls come in and help me decorate. Such a great feeling. Teaching really is a wonderful career. A highlight of my summer was when a former student of mine painted me a beautiful country portrait. She is such a talented artist. She wrote me a nice note saying I was her favorite teacher of all time and thanks for all the help in school. She wasn't a great student and especially struggled with math. One thing she wrote was "you deserve the painting after all the time you wasted trying to teach me math." It definitely wasn't a waste of time teaching her. She had a very hard time in school but she's a testament that being a teacher isn't all about reading, writing, and arithmetic. She may not become the valedictorian or even go on to get a college degree but I truly believe she will use her God given talents and be successful in life. Some of the hardest students to teach are the easiest to get along with and the most appreciative. Some of the easiest students to teach are the hardest to get along with. I'd rather have 10 struggling students who act as Jesus would then academic and athletic all-stars who think the world revolves around them.

I'm very lucky to teach in a wonderful Catholic School. My students are not perfect by any means and some days have been truly a struggle. But I will have my 7th group of students arrive on the 4th and through the years I've been truly blessed to know some great kids. I remember my student teaching days at the Public School and I hear stories from other teacher friends and though I don't make the big bucks, I'm rich in comparison when it comes to a good working environment with Christian kids.

Tommy has started up with hockey again. It's so fun to watch and I look forward to the games starting up in October. He has a clinic tomorrow and draft later this week. It's so fun. We moved him up to Mites in the spring because he did so well in Atoms even though he still qualifies as an atom by age. We took him to an Atom shinny last week for ice time and the score was 11-1 and Tommy scored 10 of the goals. It would be shameful for us to keep him in Atoms even though a selfish part of me thinks it would be so cool to have him kick little hockey butt all season. He won't be a big goal scorer in Mites but it'll be more competitive and definitely not annoying to watch. I know last year I'd get annoyed at Atoms who are playing with all these beginners and scoring 10+ goals a game. It's time for moving up, he'll do ok.

Well thanks for reading all of you out there. A month into blogging and I'm really enjoying it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Did I mention Cancer SUCKS??

After yesterday's celebration for Kelsey's good health, today I had to visit the funeral home for my Dad's cousin. I don't know if that makes us 2nd cousins or what. Tom was only 47 and leaves behind a wife and 3 daughters, his mother, and many more family members. Still so darn young, and like a tragic accident often so random. Yes indeed, cancer sucks.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cancer Sucks

Those words were on a T-shirt of a Michigan Mom I met 3 years ago. She had a son that was born around the same time as Austin and we were in the same online December birth board. Her daughter was 10 and died the next year of a brain tumor. I know "E" was having problems with moving her arm and the doctors were holding off on looking into it. I mean she had a month wait for an appointment. Anyways, I remember vividly telling her it's not normal to not be able to move an appendage and told her to go to the ER. She listened and they quickly found out she had the tumor. The beginning of a nightmare. Another Mom on that December board had her baby "A" diagnosed with Leukemia in April that year, by September she was gone.

I followed A's and E's stories and still do check in on their websites frequently for family updates. Through them I've found other cancer kids to follow. It's absolutely heartbreaking and yet uplifting at the same time. I've seen kids die and seen others survive. I just thank God daily that my immediate family has not been hit by such an atrocious disease.

A year ago my cousin Kelsey, I can use her name since she's family and all you readers all know her anyways was diagnosed with cancer. What a way to spend your senior year of high school. I know there were many days that I was terribly worried she would not make it. Well today she is officially cancer free and we celebrated with her. She had the most wonderful get together at her home. We also got to see her wonderful doctors from U of M and met a few other cancer kids who are continuing in their fight. We also met two parents who had lost their precious boy in the winter, he wasn't even two years old. Life is so precious, children aren't supposed to die before their parents and I'm sure it is every parents greatest fear.

So I'll ask you all to give God thanks for saving Kelsey but also pray for healing for those still in their courageous fight, and comfort to those family members who lost their cancer battle. And hold your little ones a little tighter tonight; be thankful for all you are given.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Disney Pics and other Tidbits!

Joe went way overboard with the pictures so I cut it down from well over 400 to 213 pictures. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Here is the link to shutterfly as it would be unreasonable to post them here.


Tommy lost another tooth today. It really was lost too, we can't find it anywhere and he didn't even know when it had fallen out. I didn't realize it was that loose. So now he looks like a real hockey player. He had a hockey shinny today and did well. I'm excited that the season is starting up again.

Ok, I'm cracking up over here at the Viva Viagra commercial! Give me a break! Too funny what they come up with. Now we've got an incontinence commercial happening. Gotta love late night television.

Joe is saving the World....OF WARCRAFT! He has made it to the ever so important, cataclysmic, climactic, pinnacle, highlight moment in the game; The ultimate Level 70! I'll never see him again. ;) I guess he got a bunch of cyber high-fives. I'll never understand it.

Well thanks for reading, I've just about made it a month here on the blogging front. Longer than 2 weeks for sure!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yo Ho Yo Ho!!!

Hello all, so a few pirates have traveled home from Florida with us. The trip was so fabulous! We definitely didn't want to come home. We had a little bit of Disney Magic bestowed on us the last night there. They have a private Pirates and Princesses party which is super expensive to attend. Joe went to guest services explaining how disappointed we were since we like to spend our last night at the Magic Kingdom watching the fireworks et al. He mentioned we were annual passholders and it was our 10th anniversary trip and we were given complimentary passes to the party.

The parade and fireworks that night were absolutely amazing. People were dressed as pirates & princesses, some went a bit overboard I think but it was a very interesting night. I don't know if I would pay to attend again as it was very busy and we're not into the Pirates movies but it was neat to experience nonetheless.

The weather was absolutely fabulous. It rained on our arrival day and then only two other short moments. It was very nice. Probably the best weather trip we've had.

So Austin has been a scurvy pirate since we've been home. Yesterday he and Tommy wore their pirate hats to the Secretary of States and Austin behaved horribly. Everyone in the place thought he was so cute singing his "yo yo ho ho pirate's life for me." Joe and I were quite annoyed that he has decided not to listen to us anymore. I guess vacation was a little to lax on him. He'll acclimate soon again, I hope anyways since school starts 3 weeks from today. Wow, where did the summer go? Tommy was very excited to get a postcard from his teacher today. He's been bugging me to get his school shoes and other supplies. I guess he is getting excited for school. I am too.

Well I guess I will sign off. We took a ton of pictures, hopefully I can post some soon. Toodles!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

And Joe! We made it! 10 good years.

The Disney trip has been great. Fun and relaxing! I think we've spent more time relaxing at our hotel in the pool than we have in the parks. Tommy is officially swimming with no help. He's like a little fish and will jump in, dive for rings and is just doing a great job! Austin is doing great too. He will go under water like it's nothing. Today we went to the French Quarter pool and they had life jackets, with muscle swimmers as well he was able to motor around all by himself. He loved it! Both boys also went down the water slide. They are so awesome!

Tommy lost his first baby tooth the other day too. He was very excited.

It has gone by too quickly, Sunday will be here before we know it. :( Oh well, I know we will be back. We always come back. As Mickey says, See You Real Soon!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Have A Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day!!

The long awaited trip is here! I'll hopefully post during the next 10 days, no promises though! We're going to Disney World!

The boys had no problem getting up at 4:00 either. ;)