Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chicks with Sticks news article

Here is a news clip from Saturday night. I'm still bummed it's over after so much bru ha ha. Can't wait for next year.

The Video

The Pics

Here is the link to the hockey tournament and the Tigers game. There are a bunch but I thought a few of you might want to see them all and I couldn't narrow down to 20 for a slideshow. At least you can view them 16 at a time. :)

My link didn't work so you'll have to copy and paste the url into your browser. Sorry.


Have a great Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Wildest Week

And it's only Wednesday!

This past weekend was Tommy's tourney and aside from terrible sleep it was a good time. His team did rough but did win their last game. It was fun. A few other area teams were there so that was cool too. They got to tour the USA hockey facility Friday night so that was neat.

Saturday night was the Chicks with Sticks charity game. It was simply awesome and our team won 3-1. A lady on the news was quoted as saying it was like "the Prom" for us crazy ladies. I think that was a perfect analogy, we looked forward to it for so long and it was definitely worth the wait. Jill of course does a super job detailing the event. So check out her blog if you haven't yet to hear how the game went.

Monday night I had my 2nd league game and our team won 1-0. I got an assist on the goal. I also missed an empty net!!! BAH!!! Now I have to wait two weeks for another chance!

Last night was of course the surprise party. That's just like Joe you know to go way above and beyond. I simply had a house party for his 30th, he gets me an awesome party suite at the Tiger game!!! Unbelievable! It's funny in hindsight how odd things really were the last month or so. Everyone did a great job keeping it hush hush. It must have drove them crazy!!! My coaches had me just sputtering on Monday when I was trying to get out of volleyball practice because Joe had gotten tickets to the Tigers game from AT&T. They all had their funky excuses so I had to run practice all by myself yesterday giving them all a great head start to Detroit.

Joe, my Dad, Tommy and I all arrived around 6:40. I think I was just savoring being in the park after a long winter but I guess it was driving the family nutso as I was taking my sweet ole time walking to the suite. In fact everyone in the room got tired of waiting for me and just finally locked the door. I did find that odd when we arrived but Joe just knocked and then the door opens and I saw lil Justin. I turned to Joe and said "Justin is here" turned back to the room and everyone yelled "surprise!" I think I was in complete and utter shock and it didn't sink in for a brief moment and then I screamed! I was amazed at everyone who was there. My two bestest high school friends whom I don't see enough of these days; friends from my ball team, lots of coworkers of Joe and I, our parents, and I was very shocked to see Austin there. My IL's had brought him down. That was huge! I can't thank everyone enough for coming and making it truly a fabulous night!

The Tiger's played awesome winning 10-2. They hit 3 home runs in the 3rd inning! Yeah! I've got a ton of pictures and I couldn't decide what to cut so they are being uploaded into shutterfly right now. It's going to take a couple hours to get them done. I will post the link tomorrow. Good night all!

I've been had!

Well everyone knows I am approaching 30. I don't have time to post details this morning and I'm so tired but Joe and my family and friends surprised the heck out of me by throwing me a surprise 30th birthday party in a party suite at the Detroit Tiger's game last night.

I was absolutely shocked and had such a wonderful time.

We've been busy lately but I will have to try and get in tonight with pics and more details.

To everyone that was there THANKS!! You really threw me for a loop!

Ok, time to wake up. :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Away from home blues

Here I am posting in bed as I can't sleep because I have a very loud, snoring husband next to me. He forgot his CPAP machine and I am going crazy. Tommy's game is at 7:00 tomorrow and the rink is a 1/2 hour away. I need my sleep so I can play awesome defense in my game tomorrow. Not to mention drive back to Ann Arbor afterwards!

Tommy's team got crushed today 8-2, we'll see how tomorrow goes. At least he is able to sleep through the snoring.

Spoke too soon, Tommy is up. Supposedly can't get to sleep. I think there will be a few grouchy Papesh's in the morning. ;)

Daisies to the inventor of the CPAP machine and darts to caffeinated beverages as I think that is adding to my problem right now. Oh yes, woe is me.

At least I can celebrate the Red Wings and Tiger victories tonight. Definitely interesting!

Off to count my blessings again, hopefully falling asleep soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

1st hockey game!

Oh my gosh what a blast! I am really in bad shape though. We only skate for 2:00 minute shifts but I'm just dead about a minute in. Joe gave it to me pretty good that I didn't skate hard the whole time and it's because I would have probably needed to be taken off the ice on a stretcher if I did. It was a 2-2 tie. Jill played great, denying me big time on my one great chance all alone on a breakaway. She of course was screaming at me my whole way in. :) We razzed each other all day; we have a nice friendly rivalry. I only crashed twice, one time hitting my head pretty hard. I got up very slowly, Joe got that picture. I think you can almost see the pain on my face on the blown up picture. :) How many times can you hit your head hard before getting brain damage? LOL. It was on my offensive end and good ole Jill was yelling are you ok Dawn? And some die hard on her team told her to "focus!!" Too funny, I'm glad at least Jill still cares.

Joe took some pictures tonight. I'm not witty enough for great captions...sorry! Hope you like them. I have my team pictures for Chicks w/Sticks tomorrow. Another day of fun!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Last night Jill and I were officially christened into the hockey world as we had a locker room party. It was great and the beer was cold and plentiful. Jill gives great detail and has awesome pictures with goofy captions of the hockey on her blog. All I can say is we are a bunch of crazy ladies and have a bunch crazy coaches. What a blast! I was lucky enough to have Cathy pick me up on her way from Caro so I had a DD. I got to bed last night and the room was spinning. Yikes! I ran into the birthday girl Julie this morning at the rink and she was doing well. So glad as she had a lemon drop at Hooters. That would have officially killed me.

Tommy is doing well on his new team and had his first two games this week. He scored a goal Thursday and had two today. The games have been close but we haven't broken into the win column yet. Hopefully we won't go 0-7 like the Tigers. ;) I've enjoyed getting back into games. Tomorrow he plays in Midland for his first game with his travel team. We'll see how that goes.

Tommy's former coach Brian btw was named coach of the year by the hockey association. How excellent! I know you're reading Sheri so congrats again on being Mrs. Coach of the Year! And yes YOU are the bestest team Mom ever! So glad you are on my Chicks team! Can't wait for the reunion party!

My Grammy's one year "angelversary" is tomorrow. It's hard to believe a year has passed. I said twice tonight "go give Grandma a hug." I totally meant to say Grandpa, how did that slip? Mass intentions were for her tonight and our family had to bring up the gifts and my Aunts and Uncles were there too. Good ole Aunt Noni was there also!!! She hasn't been to mass in a long time because her legs just aren't strong anymore. She will be 90 in October. Anyhoo, we can't encounter Noni without a story right? Well her natural hair color is very red like mine and she's been coloring it very bright fire red forever!!! Well she finally let it go gray and it shocked the heck out of me when I saw it. She looks great btw. I didn't even realize it was her until Joe said something. Then we're saying the "Our Father" and Noni is always about 2 sentences behind and so it's super quiet and then you hear "for the kingdom and the power..." as she can't hear anyone else. I don't know if you can imagine how funny this is but it is. Bless her heart I know I'll be just like her someday probably. The last visit over there she gave me a big old bag of underwear and she reiterated time and again that she had never wore them because she wouldn't give me underwear that was used. (Thank God) But they were ginormous granny panties for the most part. I'm sure I would get a huge ovation if I wore those to hockey. These undies would travel way higher than my pants!!

We have another mass for Autumn Rose on Friday from Aunt Noni. I hear a lot about "shadow grief" and as I approach my due date next month it seems that she is on my mind often. Thursday night we were out to dinner and Joe ran into a bunch of his old XO coworkers who were having a party. One guy came over and commented on our two boys and says something along the lines of "you just have the two boys" and Joe says yup, Tommy & Austin and then Tommy interrupts and says "you forgot Autumn Rose." It chills me to type that. Tonight at dinner my Grandpa and Noni were talking about "the little girl" almost like they didn't want to say her name but it's still nice that she is acknowledged. I know my Dad now visits her on his Sunday ritual to see Grandma as well. I don't know. What would you do? If you were asked how many children do you have, how would you answer? I feel if I say 3 I'm dwelling on the sadness and think that it should remain a private memory yet I feel kind of like I'm betraying her memory by not remembering her. It's probably crazy I know. She's just on my mind a lot and Jessica's mentioning a song on her blog, and Tommy reminding Joe about her just warms my heart, and the mass intentions are nice too though it breaks my heart all over again. I don't know how parents ever survive losing an older child.

Enough of that for now, life is very good to me. Things are going well!

My Aunt Michele is currently painting our downstairs (remember the MacBook deal) in exchange for Pre-Algebra tutoring. Believe me I got the good end of the deal here. And our house is looking awesome. I can't wait to post pictures after it is done. I love my house again!

Finally, if you have a minute read the story Jessica linked about Ms. Iowa who has CP. It is an amazing story, truly inspirational!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The Tigers won a game! Can I get an Amen!

I was I starting to feel like I was back in 2003.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Saturday's revelations

We went to Jen & Chris' wedding who are a couple of Joe's coworker's. It was a great time. So here is the revealing of my "title" choices.

Staying Alive ~ we were in the middle of a dance and all of the sudden the DJ cuts the music and says ok everyone freeze and face me except for the guy in the suit right here in front of me. That was Joe. He then goes on about Joe being a lot older than he looks but ends up having Joe doing his best Saturday Night Fever John Travolta impression. He did pretty good.

Request For Hubby...Please learn how to polka. ~ such a great dancer but he refuses to polka. I love to polka and thankfully Mrs. Bremer will polka with me at the $100 dinner. I would love a polka partner at these weddings.
Oh my aching feet! ~ My heels were too high, they were ditched for the dancing obviously.

They're supposed to go to the World Series and haven't won a single game! ~ The Tiger's are 0 - 7! OMG!

I am a GREAT Math teacher! ;) ~ A few of my students went to Delta on Saturday to a math competition and they did well. One student placed! Yay!

The Sprinkler ~ Joe on a chair during the YMCA. I know you can picture this.

Jackie Moon ~ Lon M. What a crazy fool! He serenaded the place with his "Love Me Sexy" rendition that I'm sure would impress Will Ferrell. What a brave dude.

*****OMG INTERUPTION****** Austin just yelled from the kitchen "I want to get down" he's up on the counter somehow! WOW!!! He pushed a stool over and got up there. I'm so proud of him.

The Near Candle Disaster ~ At the wedding ceremony they had these beautiful candle torch thingy's that were attached to the seats and they kept falling over. Thankfully no one or anything started on fire.

Chair Dancing ~ See sprinkler above

Austin's Deuce ~ Eh, I'll just pass over this one.

More Wine ~ There was lots of it at the wedding and I think I was still feeling its effects when I wrote my post on Saturday because I'm feeling like I'm doing an inadequate job elaborating on it now on Tuesday.

No one needs you more than I need you ~ My wedding song (is You're the Inspiration, that's just my favorite line), almost 11 years later I still love dancing with Joe to this song. Thankfully he had an in with the DJ after the whole "Stayin Alive" deal.

Name that movie ~ We had some movie fun and Airplane remembrances got the most laughs. "When Cramer finds out about this the Sh!ts really gonna hit the fan" I just love this movie and laugh so hard when anyone quotes it!

The Tie is Flying ~ Joe gets a little crazy sometimes and once the tie is off and he's swinging it around his head you know he's feeling toasty. I haven't seen the tie fly in years but it was his "signature" in high school. :)

Speaking of high school, I'm going to give a history lesson on Joe & Dawn. Whenever I go to an event that has dancing I can't help but go back to my high school days when we would frequent the school dances. During the Homecoming Dance my freshman year I danced about every slow song with many different guys but I was already crushing on Joe. He finally got to me after a slow song that I had finished dancing with some other guy and says to me "you are the hardest person to get a dance with, will dance with me during the next slow song?" So of course I said yes and then we ended up dancing to "November Rain" by Guns n Roses which is like the longest song ever. I know at one point our eyes met and we kind of "locked in" on each other for a brief moment. We both remembered this days later though we didn't mention it at the time. I knew from that dance that I wanted to be with Joe and in the next week we did officially start dating. 15 years later I still love dancing with him. Every woman loves a dancer, I'm so lucky.

There is nothing like a wedding to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy even though a lot of wild and crazy things usually happen at them too. I'd definitely get married again (to Joe of course) if I could. I just love weddings. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A post of titles...

I can't decide a title, here are a few that would work tonight and this is all from today.

Staying Alive
Request For Hubby...Please learn how to polka.
Oh my aching feet!
They're supposed to go to the World Series and haven't won a single game!
I am a GREAT Math teacher! ;)
The Sprinkler
Jackie Moon
The Near Candle Disaster
Chair Dancing
Austin's Deuce
More Wine
No one needs you more than I need you
Name that movie
The Tie is Flying

I'm sure I could come up with a billion more but I'm tired and heading to bed. I'll elaborate tomorrow but had to post before I forgot all the fun I had today. :) Good night!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Video for Jill & other tidbits

I saw this on the ladies hockey site so I had to post it here for Jill. Maybe now she will get a user name for the ladies hockey site.

Look at her get down! Great Save!

Last night the girls had volleyball matches out in Gladwin. I took Austin with me. The school is named Sacred Heart and Austin kept calling it's Satan's Heart. You can bet I loved sharing that with everyone.

Tommy was all excited today because Mrs. Bremer let them watch a little bit of the Tiger ballgame on TV. What a nice teacher. But what the heck is up with the Tiger's? 0-2!

I can't believe it is Wednesday already. This week is just flying by!