Monday, August 30, 2010

Austin the hermit

Tommy will be starting up with hockey for 3-4 days a week once school starts. I'm planning on getting Ashley into Honeybee's with gym jesters soon. Which leaves us with what to do with Austin?

Austin does not want to do anything. He's very shy when it comes to trying new things and it was a stretch to get him to play baseball this year. But he loved it once he was out there. I've suggested swim lessons, soccer, tae kwon do, bowling, I mention it he quickly declines and just says "I don't want to do anything." I really want him to do something more solo like tae kwon do but then I don't even know if they'd take him. And there are other things not physical at all like a choir, maybe eventually he'll go into something like that. But I can't get him to even want to do anything. He's quite a Nervous Nelly and I'm afraid if I don't do something soon I'll be holding his hand when he heads into high school. Granted it's still 7 years away but I don't think I was much different as a 2nd grader vs. a 9th grader when it came to confidence and all.

Maybe this is silly beans but I'm really concerned about getting Austin out and doing something. Any suggestions on an activity I haven't thought of? Any thoughts on persuading him to get out and do something?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A country wedding

My beautiful cousin Kelsey was married on Friday out in beautiful Pennsylvania. I hadn't seen her or her family in so long so I was really glad that my Mom & I made the trek out there.

Kelsey is a 3 year cancer survivor. You can read about her survivor party she had HERE. You can also see some pics of her on the U of M "bald and beautiful" page HERE She was so brave through her treatment and was an amazing face of strength for other cancer kids. You couldn't help but think back to those dark days and just be so thankful for the moment we were in right then. Later that evening the Daddy-Daughter dance started with Skin by Rascal Flatts and I don't think anyone there had a dry eye. Such a sappy song but perfect for Kelsey and her Dad. Her and my Uncle Bruce danced to that song at her Prom when she was being treated and had the whole floor to themselves. Such a neat story. While her and Bruce danced to Skin and everyone was probably bawling it abruptly cut in to Brown Eyed Girl and that was much more spirited and I was thankful because I was having trouble keeping myself composed. I hate crying in public. I just did my best not to look at anyone else.

Overall - It was the most wonderful of days. To see her on her wedding day looking so radiant and absolutely beaming over her handsome groom was sublime. She is now moving on to Boston where her husband Tom is entering the Seminary to become a pastor. I know she will make a great wife and be a wonderful mother someday.

13 years ago tomorrow Joe and I were married and Kelsey was our flower girl. The time it certainly does fly. Here are a couple of pictures of us on our respective wedding days. As you can see, she has gotten more beautiful and I have gotten homelier...eck. And followed by more pictures of the happy couple's special day.

Kelsey & Dawn - August 9, 1997 - sorry for the pic of a pic poor quality.

Kelsey & Dawn - August 6, 2010 ~ I look horrible and am chalking it up to my Mom not being able to take a good pic even though Kelsey looks good. ;)

Kelsey & my Aunt Michele

The family dog Digger was invited - love his bow tie.

M r. & M r s. T h o m a s E d w a r d s