Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tommy's craftiness.

In the fall, my MIL attempted to teach Tommy how to knit but gosh darn that's a hard skill to learn. She ended up getting him this neat little knitting loom this weekend and in a matter of a few hours he had made a nice little hat for the baby. He says he picked purple because it's my favorite color. It would be neat to add a little purple to the house but only time will tell. My question tonight is can a boy wear a purple hat?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweeters!

Happy 33rd Birthday to my hubby Papa Joe! I hope you have a wonderful day and the best year yet! Although with 2 fruit purchases, a family Disney vaca, as well as a trip to Disney for work, 32 could be hard to top. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pappy's Purging!

Joe has gone bugs and is cleaning out the basement like a mad man. This summer I talked about a "time capsule unintentional" when I went through 2 boxes in the upstairs closet. Well there are dozens of boxes in the basement. Oh what a job. We are ridiculous pack rats. I think when we moved here we thought we have this huge house, we'll never fill it, but hence we have. Joe and I just threw away all our high school & college work. So dumb to keep it. I did keep my 7th grade journal work. I just couldn't throw it out as it had nice notes back from my all-time fave teacher. I did read quite a few hokey notes on folders from friends. I guess I wasn't as mature of a teen as I thought I was. Oh such a dork.

Probably the funniest thing from the findings was Tommy seeing all my old work and saying "wow you really were Dawn Osantowski." I guess it's unbelievable that I used to have Grandpa's last name. He also liked the folder where I filled the back cover with "I Love Joe, I Love Joe." Oh and I had forgotten this one, I wrote a note to Joe's kids in his senior yearbook. I put a P.S. in there saying, "who knows maybe I'm your Mother." Oh the oddities.

So back to purging, we also loaded up the van with all our college textbooks. I wish I had sold them back to SVSU when I had the chance but I always thought I would maybe need them. But since they've been in the basement for 8 years, off they go. It was kind of neat to read a few of my papers I had written, I also had a note from a college professor warning me she'd try and convince me not to get married. So many things we forget. But I can now say once and for all, that chapter in my life won't be revisited, it's all gone, well at least it's in the garage until Friday's garbage day. I'm sure there won't be a paper rescue.

Joe brought up a bunch of baby items too. The carseat, swing, diaper genie, a ton of clothes, burp clothes, receiving blankets, etc. Things are slowly coming along. We have so much stuff!! It's really making me hope for a girl just so I can get all new clothes, our boy stuff is looking pretty ratty. But then I think a boy will be cheaper and gosh darn they are just so much fun.

***Picking this up 8:00 Monday night*** Last night I was in the middle of said post and got the dreaded BSOD. Joe ordered me a new hard drive so he is working on that tonight. Hopefully my laptop will be saved.

Anyways, carrying on. Joe took a few moments to read some pages of my Dad's 1975 diary that was down there. My parents got married that year and according to Joe my Dad probably never imagined his children reading it. He said it was really interesting but I won't read it. Ick factor. I guess my Mom wrote a few things in there also. Spookular.

So the purging will continue as Joe is hoping to possibly get the basement finished. Wouldn't that be nice? It's going to be a battle getting it ready though. We have got to be the most unorganized couple on the planet

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A funny

One of my students sent this to me last year and it just cracked me up. I'm always given smack about driving too fast so I thought I should post it. I should mention though that I have never gotten a ticket for speeding and was only pulled over for speeding once when I was 18. I was going 57 in a 25, it was 8:00 in the morning and I was late for work at the local grocery store so the good old Reese Chief of Police let me go just sternly saying "slow it down." Today, I think driving a mini-van helps; if I had a speedy car I might be in trouble.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Revenge

Was had on me and my class after our Halloween toilet paper job on Mrs. Bojo's room. They say revenge is a dish best served up cold and I had completely forgot by now that they had vowed to get us back.

They silly stringed our room. It was crazy bad and with 14 cans of silly string it left the room not only looking colorful but smelling awful. We cleaned up the mess on the desks, the tv, the sink, computer, bookshelves as best we could. They got everything! It was a disaster. I was worried it would never get cleaned up but I stopped in last night and bless our custodian the room looked and smelled great again! Vacuums are wonderful.

They even got our Christmas tree!!! The nerve!! They did leave the crucifix and statues alone though, I guess they showed some restraint. ;)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recycled Material

Happy New Year!

Austin Walking

I seem to be suffering from writer's block and can't think of anything exciting to post about. Recently Barbara's little Right-Hemi Bennett started walking on his own. Seeing his cute videos made me think about how excited we were when Austin started walking. The above video link (it's about 2 minutes long) was taken after Thanksgiving in 2005 so he had turned 2 about a month earlier. Amazingly he hadn't even been walking with assistance until that summer as he just wouldn't pick up those little legs. It was quick work once he decided he wanted to be upright. He could get anywhere by first back scooting and later butt scooting. I wish I had video of that, because that was just a neat yet strange sight to see. He always wore out his booty left pockets because he favored his left butt cheek. Austin still has struggles but my goodness to know how much worse things could have been and how far he has come just makes my heart sing.