Sunday, October 28, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Big Austin is 4. We had a small but very nice party for him on Friday. Too bad the kid is afraid of fire. He wanted nothing to do with those candles. Why? I don't know.

Here are some pictures. You can see how happy he was and then how timid he gets with the cake scene. He's been like that since he's been 2. We've got some great video of him at his 2nd birthday all smiles and then shrinking like a violet into his high chair when everyone started singing for him. Maybe next year he'll blow out his candles.


Debbie said...

Aw, Happy Birthday Austie! Hey, fire is scary - I understand ;)

Love his smile!

Mom2Max&Alex said...

So cute about him being scared of the fire. I wish Alex would have been. He tried to touch the flame instead of blowing it out! Glad Austin had a great day!!