Thursday, November 13, 2008

1st November post!

Man am I slacking! Astronomy is kicking my butt. Hockey is in full swing. It's report card/conference season. Tommy's Reconciliation classes are happening. It's just been busy. Life is good though and cheaper with gas hovering around $2/gal. Yay! Both the boys had good report cards and their teachers are pleased. That makes for a very happy Mommy. Double Yay!

Here are a few pics that are way overdue from Austin's birthday & Halloween. Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away?

My MIL trying to surprise the boys. They weren't fooled. ;)

Amy's classroom, a few of my students had some fun of their own during the assembly.

Myself, Amy, & Jill ~ Amy's costume rocked!

Tommy, Aunt Noni, and Austin ~ Austin was just the cutest penguin.

The cupcake cake ~ Austin is no longer afraid of fire.

Thanks for looking.


sherri said...

Very cute pictures! Your in-laws were pulling up on Halloween when I was walking out...I saw her dressed up...too cute! Austin's cake was very neat! Loved seeing them on Halloween!

Barbara said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the update - I'm glad things are going well at school.

Julie said...

Loved seeing the costumes. Thanks for the updates! Austin is 5 - wow!
Who'd think we see the price of gasoline below $2.00/gallon ever again. Think it will last over the holidays? 2 weeks until turkey! yum yum!

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie! You know what? I was going through another ancient box in the basement and found a stray picture of me on my 5th birthday. Too funny. And yay for cheap gas again and for being so close to turkey day. :)

Jill said...

Love the up date. Great pictures.

Now that you mentioned it you need to post your 5 year picture.

I'll be waiting!!!!!

Renee said...

Dawn I am glad to hear things are going good for you guys! I am glad to have found your blog. I think about you guys often and wish I would have never lost contact with you. I can't believe how big the boys have gotten. Austin looks like he is doing great.

Dawn said...

Jill - I didn't say it was a good pic...hehe. I'll put it up for you. ;)

RENEE!!! Wow what a surprise to hear from you. Glad you found me. Austin is doing so well. I think it was over 2 years now since we've seen you all so lots of changes and growing up. I imagine your kiddos are getting big too. My goodness how time flies. Hope things are well for you.

Debbie said...

Oh my, that classroom! LOL! How fun. Love Austie's cake - he is really looking a lot like Joe with that short hair!

Amy said...

Great pictures, Dawn! I especially love the one of my classroom. They did a great job:)

The boys had great costumes and your MIL looked cute!!

Hope Austin liked the cherries:)

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb - I know that teacher in there must be totally disorganized. ;) My little blonde Joe Jr. he is a character and his cuteness just lets him get away with murder.

Amy - Yeah, the toilet paper job was awesome. We got that TP at the golf outing, there were a few pranks played that day too. ;) Austin loved his cherries, you're too good to him.