Saturday, February 14, 2009

Double Surprise

Yesterday the coworkers all got together and threw me a shower at lunch. It was of course disguised as a Valentine's Day gathering and I had no idea what was really going on until the hockey shower kind of tipped me off that this was possible as we've NEVER had a Valentine's Day lunch. I wasn't sure but it got me thinking and small events over the course of the morning really clued me in. It was nice because they got parent's to come in and cover the classes so we had an extra 1/2 hour together.

So yeah, sorry Jill, Amy, Julie, and all the other great SE staff that it wasn't quite the surprise you hoped it would be. But surprised or not, I am completely overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and goodwill to me and the family.

It was funny because Amy called me Thursday night all sweety after reading my blog "ooh, they threw you a shower, how nice" when really she was sizzling inside because they had beat them to the punch. Same with Jill & Julie later. I hope I haven't disappointed you.

They totally spoiled me, getting me a new high chair, (our's hath been destroyed by two younger pigs) a new bath seat, a picture frame where you can put the baby's hospital bracelet, and some other little goodies, along with $100 to Babies R Us!!! WOW!!! Totally spoiled.

Thank you again gang! It was awesome! The food was great and it really is nice when everyone can get together for lunch. I really do have the best job with the best coworkers all around!


Julie said...

Up a little early for a Saturday morning are you?
Yes, totally bummed that the darn hockey group beat us to the punch! Especially sorry that I wasn't there to be with you and everyone else but I was there in spirit.
Enjoy the gifts with the many blessings that come with them from all of us.

Dawn said...

Yeah Julie, I was up often last night and finally at 5:00 I couldn't sleep any longer. It's okay though, I got a lot done. Mornings are good to me. I too was sad that you couldn't be there yesterday. :( It was a nice time, thank you again for making it happen. Everything was wonderful.

Amy said...

Glad you enjoyed the luncheon! I think everyone else did, too! It was nice to sit and talk without having to rush back to our students.

I think I was so sizzling because we didn't think anyone else would do it! Just goes to show how loved you guys are:)

Well, now the count down officially begins! Less than a month. Crazy, huh! I bet you thought this day would never come! I couldn't be happier for you, Joe and the boys!

Dawn said...

Amy - Thank you again for all you did. It was awesome, it's always great to get together with everyone. And yep, I remember in July thinking how far away March seems. And now I'm knocking on it's door. Woo hoo! Your new baby will be here before you know it. ;)

Debbie said...

You have great friends :) So sweet

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb