Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ashley is 6 month's old

And my did that time fly by! She just seems to be growing up so fast and we are still thrilled at just having her around.

Lately she has been hitting milestones like crazy. I am loving watching her grow and figure out how to do new things. She has been at daycare for 2 weeks and is doing great. Jill found her first tooth and last week she started sitting up on her own there. Little stinker, always showing off for others. You can watch her mastering her new skill by going to the Little Bloomers blog, which is her daycare. And can I just reiterate how LUCKY I am that she is in the same building as me. 6 months ago, childcare was a big concern of mine but not anymore! And she is so spoiled!

She got her 2nd tooth yesterday but at least Joe discovered that! With her now getting teeth I have the worry of getting bit but thankfully that hasn't happened yet. A nipple amputation does not sound appealing. Both the boys were weaned before they had any teeth, 6 & 8 months respectively. I'm still hoping to make it a year with Ashley but if biting occurs or other circumstances come up I might change my mind. So far nursing and working is going okay.

Around our house she can get anywhere she wants to and very quickly at that. Our sunken living room does keep her contained but I know it won't be long and she'll be conquering that. She's got a love for paper and any cables she can get to. Why do babies get bored with toys so quickly but love to tear a magazine to shreds forever?

I had all intentions of posting some pictures or video tonight but the Princess went to bed early. So here's a sleepy one.

She ate some real sweet potatoes this afternoon and loved them. She's becoming a little food pig and seems to enjoy veggies more than fruit. I imagine soon it'll be on to finger food. She had her first popsicle at Disney and liked it, but was more enchanted with the wrapper. Silly girl.

Another big feat is she is now taking a bath up in the big tub. She was making too much of a splashy mess in her little tub in the sink. She loves her bath.

She truly is the most pleasant baby. She's starting to find her voice and so we've been banished to the cry room at church. She doesn't cry, but she blabs so loud. It'll probably be another 3 years now before we make it a whole mass without the cry room. Joe and I will have the weekly fight over starting in the cry room or out with everyone. ;) Oh fun.

About the only thing I can complain about with her is that my previously fabulous sleeper has decided to not sleep through the night anymore for the last couple months. I'm hoping once the teething is over that it will happen again. For now, I just try to enjoy my night times with her and try to get to bed at a decent hour. We're living and living well I should add.

And how about this outfit pic? The pretty purple sleeper I picked out to bring her home from the hospital in is totally dwarfed by the sleeper she wears now. She still has room to grow in the green one but it won't be long and she'll be dwarfing that outfit. *sniff sniff* 6 month check up is Friday, along with pictures before that. My baby is just so sweet. Gotta capture all these moments.


Renee said...

It is hard to believe she is 6 months old already. They grow up so fast! What size is she wearing now? I love her sleeping picture...too precious.

Suzi said...

The pic of the clothes really puts it into perspective how much she has grown! She is precious!

mrs.notouching said...

Happy 6th months! I love the idea of the last picture!

Julie said...

I have to agree - posting the picture of the clothes and the size difference - WOW!!! and I've been there to watch her grow but to see that! Great idea. Next video should show how she doesn't like to have her clothes changed - to remind her of these days when she is making you wait, while she picks out the right outfit in her teens.

Dawn said...

Thanks girls. I guess I will have to revisit this on her birthday. She is right on the verge of being too big for her 6 month clothes and is wearing a lot of 9's now. The sleeper is a 9, had to go for dramatics you know.

And yeah Julie, I do need to video her wrestling match with me during changes. Oy!

ellen :) said...

WOW! Ok, it seems like yesterday that I was waiting impatiently to hear the news of her safe arrival! ;)
Glad to hear about the know that means extra to me!! :)

Happy 6 months! :)

Dawn said...

Thanks Ellen, I know exactly what you're saying about the milestones. Her ped. was up in her biz about development too. I guess I should be happy he's concerned but I'm more in the "Austin was a tragic fluke" kind of camp. I don't wanna go there for her at all.

confused homemaker said...

woo hoo 6 months!! she's getting so big & so sweet looking sleeping:D my D-man is only a few days behind her & it's crazy how fast it goes.

Jill said...

you are right 6 months how time does fly. We have to capture every moment, it won't be long and she will be able to walk away and slam the bedroom door! LOL