Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bay County Blizzard 2001 Mite AA Champs!

The boys won the LCAHL playoffs! What a game! They won 7-6 and it was so close all the way to the end. They just couldn't pull away from the Port Huron Flags. But our boys were the ones on top when the final buzzer sounded.

About 20 of our family and friends drove down to join us in Detroit. It was very neat watching Tommy play on the Red Wings ice. It was a great end to a great season. I was already in bed but I guess Tommy got up that night and Joe was still up and he was crying because the season was over. Of course we have spring hockey and he actually is gone to practice tonight. But the team will be a little different (we're adding players as they make the bump up to the Squirt level). So he had to shed a few tears.


Julie said...

That is a million dollar smile with that trophy. Sounds like it was an evenly matched game and WTG @01blizzardwhite on their victory at the Joe!!

Renee said...

Way to go Tommy! Congratulations to the whole team, what an amazing experience that they got to have. Making memories!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls!! It was a phenomenal season with a phenomenal finale! This year will be tough to top.

Kiera Beth said...

I realize I am late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! He looks so proud with the trophy!

Sounds like a wonderful season!