Friday, November 26, 2010

Well I finally did it.

After two long dramatic years of wondering should I, shouldn't I; I finally cracked and joined Facebook.  It became apparent that just about everyone is on there and I really was missing out on a lot.  And all of you who are on there do know how many conversations you have with other people that start with "did you hear such and such on Facebook?"  I was tired of being out of the loop.

I had really convinced myself that I didn't want to be on as Joe warned me it would be a huge time suck and my computer would be at risk, yada, yada, yada, but it really hasn't been that bad.  I'm not a posting fool but I am enjoying going and looking at everyone's pictures and hearing what they're up to. 

I didn't know whether or not to allow students to be friends and I just followed suit with Amy and I am allowing it. I am waiting for them to ask me though.  Frankly, I know how teenagers are and I figure the ones that want to be friends with me obviously will not be too rowdy or have crazy stuff on there.  My thoughts, if they can show it in front of me they probably can show their parents too. So no worries there. 

What I do find crazy is all the quizzes and games and I am staying away from those per Joe's advice.  Because I really don't need another addiction and from what I hear Farmville is the shiite. 

Anybody wanna be my Facebook friend?


Sheila said...

Yes, I do! I joined awhile ago, but like you do not post but instead check out other people's pages. The people that spend their life there and spill their guts simply amaze me! That's not for me!

Jill said...

Congrats on joining Dawn!!

Julie said...

FB has made family contacts more than the once a year with the annual Christmas letter. We are hearing more from the Canadian and West Coast families than we did before. Helps lighten up the grey, winter days ahead.

Dawn said...

Sheila - You'll have to add me, I looked for you but wasn't sure which you is you. I'm thinking the one with no profile pic!

Jill - You act like I've won a major award. ;)

Julie - And that is the positive of FB. Funny thing is except for my brothers I have no family as friends. I'll have to seek them out soon.

ellen :) said...

hey, just tried to search your name and came up with no results for you! :( Can you search me instead???