Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good Bye Movember

While I do appreciate the reasoning behind "Movember" I am so happy that December is here and my husband has begun shaving again.  It was a "hair-raising" experience to say the least.  I do not like facial hair at all.  I don't appreciate the prickly smoochies and I just don't think Joe looks good with facial hair. Other men, specifically big baldies can pull off the look just fine.  Maybe when Joe is completely bald the facial hair will look better.   

So Joe and his cronies at work decided to try and help change the face of men's health by growing some hair. I'm not sure that they made a big financial difference in the cause but maybe they did help with awareness of men's health.

And who knows, maybe I should give up my razor next year too.  With my furry genes I'd have a thick redwood forest growing on my legs in about a week.  So in honor of all those men who didn't shave in November here is my top 5 list of favorite famous people with facial hair.

1. Yosemite Sam
2. Colonel Sanders
3. Hulk Hogan
4. The Super Mario Bros. 
5. Ned Flanders

And who here thinks Conan should shave already???

And finally adding some pics of the "Mo."  I put them in B&W because my Iphone for some reason made him look really jaundiced and bleh.  I'm so happy to have my handsome hubby back to normal.  He looks a little too much like Paul Blart the mall cop in the stache pic.

 And one more thing - Now that Joe knows I'm posting this he says I have to put a link to his Team page if anyone wants to help with the cause. ;)


Jason said...

Right on, Mo Sista!

Dawn said...

Thanks Jason - You my Mo Brutha had quite the look going. I'm sure Autumn is glad you're back to normal too.