Thursday, November 29, 2007

Midweek Update

Mainly a baby update. Yesterday we had an appointment with the midwife and the heart was still beating and it was moving all over the place. Amazing actually, but I had thought maybe I was feeling it! Today we saw the specialist and it was much the same as the last visit to her 3 weeks ago. The hygroma and hydrops have gotten worse so nothing has changed as far as outcomes. We did have an amnio done to find out what exactly is causing this. We'll find out in 2 weeks.

They were able to get a good look and it looks like our baby is a girl! This makes it seem so real. I can get a Christmas ornament with her name (we've always liked Autumn Rose) so we can remember her every year. After all, to quote from Horton Hear's A Who, "A Person is a Person No Matter How Small."

2007, what a year. Not terrible by any means but definitely we've had our teary moments. I don't know what heaven entails but I do believe this is not the end for us and though my baby won't breathe on earth, I'm sure she'll be waiting for me in heaven. For now, it brings me great comfort knowing she has four Great-Grandmother's waiting for her. My Grammy who just died in April was always a nut for little girls, sure she loved my boys (even called them dolly) but hey my cousin Jen and I know that we were the cat's meow growing up. So in my dream Joe and I are sending the Grandma's a little something. Not that you need a purpose in heaven...I don't know, it eases the mind to think this way.

And thank you Lord for getting me to December...I hope. December has such a prettier birth stone than November. ;) How is that for tacky? Now if I'm typing a month from now that we've entered January garnet land I'll be shocked. It just doesn't look good, the baby wasn't moving well today and the heart is beating 50 bpm slower than 3 weeks ago. Who knows how long I'll carry her with me, I'll just be thankful for everyday I have her with me until it's time to let her go. Joe and I are at an amazing peace about this, sure we have our sad moments but we aren't living in sadness and we definitely have a lot to be thankful for.

In other news, Austin had his 4 year check up and is doing great. The only cognitive concern Dr. Thill had was his speech which is not that bad. Poor little dude had to have 5 shots. He handled them great, he is so tough. He is still one inch too short to ride the big rides at Disney but our next trip he will definitely be big enough. Now if someone could just fund a 2008 trip for us that would be sweet. We've already decided to take the year off of the big Disney vacation as it's so expensive.

Tommy is doing great with school, hockey, and cub scouts. I need to post pics, I promise this weekend to get some updated pics on the site!

And finally an Aunt Noni story. This Great Aunt of mine is 89 years old and a truly sweet lady though a tad nutty. Our school had a cookie dough fundraiser and she bought some dough and made the cookies for us. Well they were pretty hard but the boys did a great job chowing them down at her house. She sent us home a bunch in a container that I just can't get over. It was one of those pink pans they give you in the hospital that has all your toiletries in it and also combos as a bedpan/barf pail with the metric measurements on it to track your output. OY! The thing was probably very clean but gosh it took all the strength I could muster to get my mind past the "where the heck has this thing been" stage. Oh mental power, I was definitely lacking there. Bless Aunt Noni's heart, she is a good soul and just adores the boys. She is especially crazy about Austin. I wonder what I will be like if I make it to 89?

Well I have been working on this post for well over an hour, I must get on already! Thanks for reading and for the comments, I definitely like reading them. (Makes me feel better knowing I'm not talking to myself) :)


Mom2Max&Alex said...

Dawn- I'm so sorry for what you are going through with the baby. My prayers are with you. You and Joe are so strong for handling it so well. You have such an amazing outlook. Love the Aunt Noni story! And poor Austin with his shots, but I'm glad he did so well!

Debbie said...

I love your girl name Dawn and that is a great idea to get a christmas ornament - surely Bronner's will have something appropriate; an angel perhaps? Both yours and Joe's stregth is just amazing. Hugs.

Prairie Dawn said...

Thanks girls, you are so great! And yes if you ever want to come up to Bronner's for a day you're welcome to spend the night. Frankenmuth is all lit up this time of year too.