Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Streaker and the Streak!

Our boys! Gosh do they bring such joy! I'll start with a Tommy story. Last night the lady that used to babysit for him for years had a birthday party for her oldest boy who is in the 5th grade. It was at the roller rink. Her younger son is Tommy's age so they invited Tommy to come so Bryce would have someone to hang out with. We got him there and put him all in his gear, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, helmet and none of the other kids had on any protection and we were feeling a bit like helicopter parents. Joe gave him the option of not wearing them if he would skate at a nice safe speed but Tommy replied, "no I'm gonna fly." And fly he did, circles around those 5th graders! He got out there and all the parents were like "WHO IS THAT?" Joe and I were puffed right up of course. We left to do some shopping and by the time we got back Tommy was doing all kinds of hokey tricks holding his one foot up in the air behind him and such. He's such a show-off. And I guess I am no different as I blog about something so superficial. That I hate to admit comes from my Mom, she is quick to brag. I try to generally keep it in check but sometimes it's hard. :)

Austin's story is not much to brag about but is worth sharing anyways. We knew he did this at home but didn't think it happened at school. He loves to walk around naked and talks about butts and peepers and is just a naughty little dude in that regard. We have a strict "underwear" policy that states that butts and peepers must be covered at all times. Well imagine our horror when last night we were out at a friend's house and his daycare director who is also a friend told us that Austin will come out of the bathroom basically shaking his wiener at everyone! Mortifying! With his CP he can't get his pants up and down but he's supposed to stay in the bathroom and when he is done yell for them to come in and pull him up. Well he thinks it's funnier to come out on his own and announce to the world, "Pull up my pants!" showing off wiener.

Speaking of bathroom mortification! I was going to the bathroom last night and my dear friend Lisa just walks in on me. Of all the responses though, what do I do? I cover my face. LOL. I guess I was hoping she wouldn't realize it was me??? I don't know. What an interesting post on a Sunday morning. Hopefully my good friend Debbie will post some of her interesting bathroom stories to make me feel better. :) So much fun! What a life!


Mom2Max&Alex said...

I am literally LOL! Those were some cute stories. And honestly, with Austin, I think it's the age. Max is exactly the same way!! He knows how to pull his own pants up, but he'd rather walk out with them around his ankles. His "play" makes me cringe and I don't even have one. WTG Tommy on showing everyone up at the roller rink. I used to love to skate. I wonder if I still can? Thanks for the smiles!! I needed that!

Debbie said...

What?!? I have bathroom stories?! Hmmm. LOL

Caige loves to moon us too - he just giggles like crazy. What is it about kids and liking to show their nakey selves?!

WTG Tommy on his skills - I can just bet his smile was beaming!

sherri&adam said...

Ok, so I am finally catching up on all your amazing posts. For those that don't know me, I am the previous babysitter for the amazing Papesh kids. I wanted to add my tidbits to this event. I am 30 years old, was a major roller skater back in the day, but Tommy even showed me up at the party. I will admit that I could "show up" the 5th graders, but Tommy was the best. Had an awesome time, loved seeing you guys!!! Miss you all tons