Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Average Austin

All seems to be well with the young beast. Tommy had his well check today so I dragged Austin in too so they could look in his ears. I guess the infection isn't quite gone yet but he doesn't act like his ears are bothering him so we're just staying the course on the amoxicillin. He goes back in 2 weeks. I was on the phone with his ped. a lot the last couple of days as he was the middle man with the neuro. The neurologist (at UofM) is supposed to be contacting us to go down soon for a full work-up. She wants to see his new CT scan, do an EEG and also an MRI. I guess it will be good to see if their is any change from when he first had his "incident" as an infant.

Going on 5 years I wonder if his brain has mysteriously healed at all. I know doctors give you worst case scenarios but I wonder if his neuro's had a clue or is it really a crap shoot when you have brain damage and they try to give you some sort of prognosis. After our first visit to neurology (Jan. 2004) we left with our hopes and dreams crushed as we were "Welcomed to Holland" and told our son "could" be severely retarded and have severe CP. I hate telling "sad tales" and you can imagine how difficult those phone calls were to people. But many responses were, "just wait and see" and "he's already a miracle baby" and yeah, look where he is now. Today he had his Kindergarten readiness test and was labeled (don't you love labels) average!! Yes, lovely AVERAGE!! Isn't that wonderful? Bless em' heart! He's an average boy! I know his struggles are not all behind him, but for today I can celebrate that cognitively he is simply average.


sherri said...

If it means anything at all, Austin is way above AVERAGE in my heart!!! He is my little man, that I miss more then anything!! Love seeing you guys at the ball park on occasion like we tend to do. Will get together one of these days. Austin is a miracle already, although I know you've heard that many times. He has been thru SO much and he has come thru it all. Nothing stops him from doing what he wants, and I don't think anything ever will. He is the cutest little man ever. Please know many many of my family members and friends are always asking how your 2 guys are doing, since I don't babysit anymore, and I am keeping them UTD on things. Everyone misses seeing them...especially Dawn at my work. She just loved both of them to pieces. Anyways, Austin is a miracle baby!!

therealtommix said...

Austin Average?! HA! Mr. Good looking kid, who I think will charm his way into anything is SUPERIOR in my book. It's been a rough road, and no doubt there will be challenges he/you will face in the future but he has a BIG advantage in his corner: great parents and great family with lots of love and support. Congrats Austin! no doubt it won't be the last time we say that. Looking forward to seeing you at graduation next week.

Amy said...

Having only know you guys for the past couple of years, I can say that he is lucky and you are lucky! Children adjust and thrive, as Austin will continue to do. I wouldn't expect any less from a Papesh:)

Sheila said...

So glad to hear he's doing well. And, yes, average would be music to my ears too! I totally "get ya" there. I'll be curious to hear how the neuro appointment goes. Good luck!

Mom2Max&Alex said...

I have to ditto everyone else! Austin is an amazing kid and has come so far!! You and Joe are amazing parents for doing so much to help him. He certainly is above average in my book!

Jill said...

It's nice to hear your point of view, because to me Austin has always done well cognitively and is always making great strides. He is so special to me and I'm so glad he is making you proud. We are always praying for him and I know he will continue to impress us in one way or another.

"Welcomed to Holland" is an eye opener, I never would have looked at it like that.

In a way you your life travels have taken you to Italy and Holland, it makes you who you are "One heck of a MOM"!!!!!!

Dawn said...

All of you ladies are so wonderful! I just love you all! It is so great to be able to share our joys with you and so comforting too in our rough times.

Thanks for all the kind words and rah rah's for Austin! You all rock!!

Sherri - I know Austin is doing so well thanks to your excellent care for him as a baby. We're forever grateful for all you did for both Tommy & Aus. We miss seeing you everyday too.

Julie - Graduation from preschool! Another wow moment for me! So glad that YOU are such a support person for us too. I don't know what I would do without you.

Amy - My partner in crime! Sometimes I'd rather be lucky than good. That is what Dad would always say. Thanks for always being my sounding board.

Shelia - My DOOL bud. Lil' Malayna will amaze you too. Every achievement means so much more to us; we don't take little things for granted.

Angie - I always appreciate your perspective on Austin. Only seeing you a couple times a year it makes me so happy when you can see his progress at each visit. I always then think back and remember yes, the last time we saw Angie Austin wasn't doing this or that. It's awesome!

Jill - You are right, I've seen both Italy and Holland and both are great places to be! I think YOU are an amazing Mom too! You are always so peppy around the boys and they love you so much.

Thank you again girls!

Barbara said...

Yeah for average!! That is wonderful news. By the way, I enjoy your blog.

Dawn said...

Thanks Barbara, I'm glad you enjoy reading the blog. I enjoy writing it and try to keep it interesting. :)