Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tommy's Goalie Debut

Is today! He's been wanting to play goalie forever and Joe and I just aren't keen on the idea. His house team however has no goalie so it's his turn. He's pumped like no other. I wonder if he will look as good as Miss Jill? I just hope he doesn't decide he would rather be goalie than skate out for his career. Do you know how expensive goalie equipment is? Plus, I'd probably stroke out from the pressure.

Friday night his Stars team beat the Flint Icelanders 9-4. Tommy got thrown in the penalty box for a slash. His first penalty in over a year. That made it a 5-3 penalty kill but our team did indeed kill it. Tommy played great defense in the effort.

Saturday afternoon Tommy got to play Winger on his house team. He hadn't played offense in Mites at all so it was a nice change. You work a lot harder on offense and I just had to laugh when he was going to the bench needing a shift change. I guess he is a bit soft in that regard. hehe. He came close to scoring a few times but couldn't find the net. He's still very defensive minded and it showed as they won 3-1.

We're going for 3 win weekend here.

Tomorrow night I get to play Jill's team. Should be exciting. I've heard that her team is recruiting from both Russia and the Czech Republic these days. 8:30 tomorrow, one of us will be dealt our first loss. Please help me in talking some smack. ;)

I also just heard from my cousin's husband Kenny (he's the rink manager in Lapeer) that the Lapeer Polar Palace Lady team wants to play our Chicks w/ Sticks team. Maybe the Hat Chicks will be resurrected! I would love to give it another whirl!

Tommy played respectably but his team lost 3-0. Matthew Pike scored all three of the goals; the kid is amazing and played defense on Tommy's fall team. The other goalie did awesome though too. Tommy faced 10 shots and had a save percentage of 70%. He sure had fun though.


Jill said...

That would be cool to play with the Hat Chicks again.

As for Mondays game I think it will be another tie. However we can take you down, and eat you with ketchup.

I will also be there to cheer on Tommy's first time in net!!

Dawn said...

Eat me with ketchup! hehe.

You just tell your ringers to watch it because tomorrow night I'm, "putting on the foil." :P

So nice of you to make it to Tommy's game. He loved playing goalie, hopefully not too much though.

Jill said...

Don't worry about the foil, "We'll smear you with a tissue!"

Dawn said...

Oh yeah? Well there's going to be a nightmare on Elm St. after I'm done with you! You'll be dreaming of giant hockey pucks and pink laces and any other hockey horror I can't think of!


Less than 2 hours until game time!

Amy said...

You two are such nice Christian woman. Where are these words coming from? May the best man win:)

Dawn said...

You're all against me. Hmmph!

So glad you made it Amy, I hope you and the family enjoyed the game. It was at least a close one! So much fun!

Jill said...

I was having a nightmare on Elm St before the game, cuz I talked so much smack. I made myself sick!
It was nice to have so many people watching tonight.