Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hockey Schedule

For all my local readers who are interested in seeing a game.

Hopefully this link will work, some parts of the site you have to login. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Tommy's schedule.

Have a great Wednesday! Is it really mid-week already?


sherri said...

worked great! TY : ) Dawn.....I added the family blog (Adam's family) onto mine in my friends blogs. You should really check out the last post. It's Robin's baby belly MOVING! OMG it's so neat! I don't know if it would be ok to post a comment, as it's usually only family, but just go look, and leave a comment on here or mine if you want! VERY NEAT! : )

Dawn said...

Oh wow, that was very cute. Her belly was just a jumping! I didn't comment over there so no worries.

sherri said...

glad you got over to see it...I thought it was amazing! Brings me back about 12 or 7 years!!!

therealtommix said...

No sleeping in on Saturdays for your family. Thanks for the schedule. BTW - there is a bus on Wilder Road, Bay City, that has I Tri City Ice Hawks on the side - who are they?

Dawn said...

Sherri - It's definitely amazing. I'm sure Robin is ready to meet her little girl.

Julie - I don't know what team that is. Maybe Joe would though. I'll ask him later. I know the weekends are going to be crazy. If he doesn't have a game on Saturday's he has practice. I guess I would rather he have a game.

* ~ *Jessica* ~ * said...

I tagged you on my blog! :) Go ahead, play along!