Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Revenge

Was had on me and my class after our Halloween toilet paper job on Mrs. Bojo's room. They say revenge is a dish best served up cold and I had completely forgot by now that they had vowed to get us back.

They silly stringed our room. It was crazy bad and with 14 cans of silly string it left the room not only looking colorful but smelling awful. We cleaned up the mess on the desks, the tv, the sink, computer, bookshelves as best we could. They got everything! It was a disaster. I was worried it would never get cleaned up but I stopped in last night and bless our custodian the room looked and smelled great again! Vacuums are wonderful.

They even got our Christmas tree!!! The nerve!! They did leave the crucifix and statues alone though, I guess they showed some restraint. ;)


Debbie said...

LOL, too much fun!

Amy said...

I still say my room was worse!:)

Thanks for being a good sport and I'm gonna hold you to the fact that you said all is done! Father Bill heard you!

Dawn said...

Yup Deb, be thankful you live a state away. ;)

Amy - I think not, yours was a five minute clean up. Poor Mindy had quite the job on Friday. Did I say all is done? Once again maybe you are imagining things?? I'll see if Fr. Bill will back this up.

Kiera Beth said...

Ahh.. silly string. The best revenge tool!

Dawn said...

Kiera - I know, my girls did that to the guys bunks on an overnight camping trip 4 years ago. It was a disaster. I don't think Camp Fish Tales would let us come back again.