Thursday, May 21, 2009

Passing the buck

Being bad here as my class works diligently on Global Studies. Anyhoo, you can find new Ashley pics on Jill's blog. She just stopped in with the Princess herself to tell me to visit her blog quick. Can I just say how lucky I am that I get to bring Ashley to work with me? Julie and Jill are doing an awesome job taking care of her while I work.

And yep, the blog has been neglecting among other things. Good old Jill always picking up my slack. ;)


Julie said...

Excuse accepted until June 6th, then we'll expect regular updates about the Papesh family on your blog! Can't imagine trying to get through life without good friends like Jill!

Sheila said...

Awwww, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

ellen :) said...

Man, i love those cheeks! ANd what a cute dimple!! :) How do you take her to school??? I took Sammy for an hour this morning and got ZIP done!! Lucky me has my 2 sisters next to me that kept him occupied! :) Yeah, we all teach 4th grade together!! (open classrooms) ;)

Amy said...

You are such a slacker;) Thank god for Jill, huh!

No seriously, give yourself a break, you have so much on your plate right now with 8th grade graduation, field trips, report cards, and last but not least, your own family!

BTW- she is truly an angel, brightens my day when I see her!! I love the smiles she shares with us!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls! Such great friends to help keep me sane.

Ellen - I don't take care of her at school. J&J daycare have been doing it for me. They keep her in their offices, Jill's office has officially become baby land and Julie can see her as her office is directly across; and they booted out the poor religious ed. director that shares space with Jill. Haha. It's only for 4 weeks. She'll go to "official" daycare there in September. I'm so lucky, I sneak in to visit as often as I can. Hence, I'm terribly behind in grading. My own darn fault. I will have to visit less next year or I will get behind. With my room moving next year I won't see her wheeling/carried down the hall like I do now. :( Everyone is loving having her there.

Jill said...

We do love having her, and I will expected daily, ok weekly updates all summer.