Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baseball Pics

The local photographer took these pics. Here are some links for you to check out when you get a moment.

Tommy 1

Tommy 2
Tommy 3
Tommy 4
Tommy 5
Tommy 6
Austin 1

And some of my own of Austin.

The pic of Austin on the base is interesting because his coaches were telling him to stand on it with his right leg forward ready to run. He has a hard time weight bearing on his right. He can stand on his left leg alone for a long time; on his right he can barely make it 3 seconds without support. He was trying but you can see that left foot down supporting him. He did so awesome and had so much fun. I hope he can play for a couple more years. People and kids for the most part are very supportive of him. We had a school fun day in January and there was the game where you tie the balloon to your leg and run around popping everyone's balloons. I was cracking up when kids would go to pop his balloon, see it was him and then retreat. This went on for quite a while until finally a 4th grade girl said enough and popped him. ;) It was cute. In July we'll visit the physical medicine doctor in Ann Arbor. He's probably get fitted for new AFO's and we'll talk botox again. I hate botox and what it does for him initially. Austin Botox We'll see what the doc says, he's done better with stretches and such so maybe he won't need it anymore.

And here's one of Ashley enjoying a game on a cold day in May.


Amy said...

These are great pictures! The professional ones are awesome of both Tommy and Austin!

Hopefully you get good news at the next doctor's visit for Austin.

It is wonderful to see all the kids at St. Elizabeth treat him with such care and kindness!

ellen :) said...


Austin is such an inspiration to us!! The boys look SO cute in their uniforms...that's one thing I miss about Luke not playing baseball anymore, how cute he looked in the uniforms! :)

mrs.notouching said...

Heee-heee - I love how Austin's hat is just a little too big :-)

Julie said...

Great pics of both boys. Love the action shots of Tommy. When I saw him, you could tell Austin truly loved playing in tee ball - that smile was infectious to all who watched.

Renee said...

The pictures are great! I am so proud of Austin! He does so well.

Dawn said...

Thank you all! They do look good in their uniforms and how irresistible is Austin? It's hard to believe how devilish that kid really is.

Kiera Beth said...

I love all of the photos! Austin is such an inspiration! I love to see all of the activities that he does and how well he is doing. Such a cutie too!

I cannot believe how big Tommy is getting! Ashley is adorable!

Hope that the weather warms up for you soon!

Dawn said...

Thank you Kiera Beth - all the kids are growing so fast.

Jill said...

great photos
The kids all look so great.
Let us know what the doc says about Austin.

Dawn said...

Thanks Jill! July 8th is D-Day and I'm anxious to get him some new shoes but am putting it off.

Popcorn House said...

WOW love to see all the pictures! I agree the kids are getting so big and are just as cute as ever!

I agree with Kiera, it makes me so happy to see all that Austin is doing!!!

Barbara said...

I love hearing about Austin - and I love seeing the pictures too! What a handsome couple boys you have. We just bought a little bat and ball for Bennett. We haven't tried it out yet. I hope he'll be able to play someday too - just like Austin!

Dawn said...

Thanks Suze & Barbara - I'm sure your boys will both love ball. After all boys will be boys.