Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I survived spring hockey!

And after thinking I might quit after the first week I ended up really enjoying it! Of course it helps that I don't have to go to work on Tuesday mornings now. Everyone got so much better during the 9 months I was gone. I went from being one of the top players when we were all starting out to one of the bottom dwellers. Oh well, since I had paid for it up front I was in it for the 6 weeks and I did get better and I didn't die like I thought maybe I would.

It's kind of comical because I guess I got the "Austin" experience being so unskilled. One day the drill was to skate backwards down the ice and the girls are just flying by me and I'm yelling "right behind you," hoping not to get plowed over. The "head honcho" hockey coach then has one of his high school goonies take me off to the side and try to teach me how to skate backwards. Not happening. Another time we were skating forward to the blue line and then transitioning to backwards and back to forwards at the next blue line. I looked more like an oversized figure skater as I'd clumsily pirouette at the blue line and usually fall. Finally one time I did a beautiful smooth transition to backwards and everyone cheered for me. We would often scrimmage and all the girls would be very encouraging and "rah, rah, go get em" it was nice. Even the "head honcho" said "great job tonight kid, you're coming along" and dang that felt good. I guess in a twisted way I am enjoying this new view as "underdog."

Next week I'll be back and it's drop in learn to play hockey and then hopefully come fall I'll get a chance on a team again. One positive is that most of my equipment did still fit after my body was drastically stretched except for my head and my feet. (Strange I know) I did break down and bought a new helmet for my birthday because I couldn't stand the old helmet after about 20 minutes. Maybe Santa will bring me new skates at Christmas time. Or maybe I'll get an anniversary gift this year...hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Guess I need to tweet that I want skates because I don't think Joe reads the blog anymore.

Oh and get this, they have on Wednesday nights "play with your kids" drop in hockey. They really need to call it "get a butt kicking on ice by your 8 year old!" However, Tommy is really, really looking forward to sticking it to good ole Mom. So if I ever get up the nerve to go, I'll let you know how that comedy goes.


Julie said...

You are doing great Dawn. Don't let anyone tell you that playing hockey is an easy sport. You know better.
As for the Wednesday night skate with your kids: I think that would be cool. It is never a bad thing when your child can do something better than you, an adult, as long as they always remember: "because I said so" trumps EVERYTHING.

mrs.notouching said...

You play hockey?! You are officially the coolest mom ever :-)

Amy said...

I have wanted to try some type of adult sport--I played softball, ran (well sorta) track and played volleyball as a teen/young adult. Now that I am *ahem* older, I want to get involved, but there is this fear of not being good...I guess I would only find out if I tried!

How's Miss Ashley coming along? The swimsuits were adorable...hopes she wears them all and doesn't grow too fast

Dawn said...

hahaha, yeah I love it. It's also the best exercise that's fun at the same time. Thanks for thinking I'm "cool."

Amy - Go for it! Someone gave me this advice, there is always someone better than you and always someone worse than you. And Ashley is doing wonderful thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh man, you are way more devoted to hockey than I am. I can't skate to save my life.

Dawn said...

Haha Lesley, maybe someday when little Marcus is skating you will learn how. :)

Amy said...

You are awesome for playing hockey! It must be a physically challenging sport and yet you enjoy it! Kudos to you for doing something you enjoy and having fun!

Nothing wrong with allowing your child to be better than you in something! Think of the thrill it allows him and the memories that you are making.

Jill said...

Dawn I wish I wasn't a Quitter, but it was to much for me.

I'm proud of you for getting right back into it.

I think you would have a great time with Tommy. Plus it would give your Dad a good giggle.

Kiera Beth said...

Congratulations on getting back on the ice! It is always hard to pick up the sport again after the pregnancy. I am so impressed with how quickly you were back up and at it!

Way to go on being willing to learn new skills! I am so impressed & inspired by you!

Dawn said...

Girls - Thank you! You puff me right up. I do love it and it's good exercise so I will keep at it as long as it doesn't fizzle out.

Jill - I so miss you out there. It's totally not the same without you. I miss your smack talk...and screaming. ;)

Kiera Beth - I probably wouldn't have gotten back in to it so quickly but the OB that did my 6 week check-up plays and said they were starting up a new session the following week. (That was awkward having that naked convo)