Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This blog sucks.

Seriously, I've started 4 posts now over the past week and just think "boring" so I delete.

My themes were.

Ashley's sleep battles ~ Every Mommy blog has this and I've already been around that blogging block. Who wants to hear every single detail.

The Detroit Tigers ~ It's just a game. 3 years ago I cried when they blew the division victory to the Twins on the last day of the season. At least then they had the wild card berth and were in the playoffs. Today I apathetically watch the Tiger's tied 4-4 in the 9th. I don't think I'll cry but I think the Tiger's won't hold on. The Red Wings broke my heart in June, I guess I expect it today during the division playoff.

Blogging causes narcissism ~ This was actually coming along pretty good but it was a middle of the night post and I was feeling uber-negative. No reason to throw darts at others. ;)

Well what do you know, the Tiger's are threatening in the 9th. 1st & 3rd and no out. I'm not hitting post until they a. score or b. fail to score and are out of the inning.

Well you may as well listen to some more rantings. How about about a blog posting called stupid millionaire men? Yup, I'm talking about David Letterman, Miguel Cabrera, and Jon Gosselin. Jackasses!

Good lord, this is the longest game I've ever witnessed. I'm so thankful that it started at 5:07 and not the traditional 8 pm it normally would be in Minnesota. One out, no run yet.

DOH, double play. I really don't want to watch Minnesota celebrate a walk-off victory. Maybe I should go watch Hell's Kitchen. This blog isn't the only entity that sucks, I believe the Detroit Tiger's might fit that bill also.


ellen :) said...

Oh my dear Dawn.... I love your blog... :) And wth with the Tigers last night????!!!! I am with ya girl! I watched it into the extra innings and was screaming at the TV while I was trying to give poor Sammy a bottle! He just giggled at me! :) I am losing faith quickly! :( Now it's on to supporting the Yankees, the default team for me since it's Luke team! :)

mrs.notouching said...

I will read any and every post about sleep battles. I will continue writing my own, because I NEED help - I haven't slept for 7 straight months.
Sadly my best posts have been written in the middle of the night with the glass of wine - in vino veritas.
I love you blog. Keep on posting!

Jill said...

All I can say is "What the, those darn Tiger's"
I blame it on Laird, he swung at the lowest ball 4 ever!!

Julie said...

We need you!!! Don't think about discontinuing the blog! One reason: often you are expressing our views on a subject, although I would say you were really very nice about the Tigers totally messing it up last night.

Dawn said...

Thanks girls for puffing me up. I'm not going anywhere and just hope my creativity returns.

As for the Tiger's they had the most colossal collapse ever.

Daiva - you go ahead and keep posting your stories over wine. Someday our kids will sleep all night.

Debbie said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Let the blog be your outlet - you think about it too much ;) I'm one to talk, heh? ahha

Kiera Beth said...

Dawn! I love your blog & I do not mind reading about sleep woes. We all have them, which is why I find it interesting to read about!

Of course, you could just share wonderful pictures of your kiddos with us each week! I love seeing the 3 of them :)

Hope your weekend is OK

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb & Kiera, I finally have some fodder. Yay! Be ready.