Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tis the season to be scary.

Her shirt says so cute it's scary.
Who loves Halloween? I personally love fall and do enjoy the holiday for the kids. Dressing up and going out trick or treating is something every child should look forward to yearly. I don't like the uber scary and gross you out nastiness but for the most part Halloween with it's ghosts and goblins is all in good fun.

Talk at the lunch club this week has been all about the Tortured Souls Warehouse, Woods of Terror, Village of the Living Dead, Spook Train, St. Lucifer's Haunted Asylum, etc. These are just a sampling of the local haunts that you can visit in our area. Most of them lay out the preemptive "may not be suitable for children under 12." And this chicken here will not set foot within 50 feet of one. I don't like being scared! I don't like watching scary movies, heck I shield my eyes during scary commercials. I don't do horror!

Jill and her family went to a haunted house last weekend and had a blast. Well Amy's 9 year old Emily wants to visit a haunted house. So all week it's been the talk about heading to the Woods of Terror tomorrow night. Well guess who's not going? ME!! And woe is me to be left behind. But I think I'll save my sanity. Heck, a commercial I saw on Fox News as a scare tactic for Aids in Germany freaked me out for about a week after I saw it last month. I think I'm making the right decision as I think back to watching Nightmare on Elm Street in the 5th grade and not sleeping in my own room for almost 2 years. I also did a Haunted House as a teen and I still get chilled thinking about, however the story is kind of funny too. ;) So for me and needing to get my yearly Halloween thrills, I will just anxiously await the showing of the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror whatever number it's on now.


Amy said...

You big scaredy cat!:)

Julie said...

Move over on that sofa - I'm with you. I love the trick and treating and seeing all the children dress up but that is enough Halloween 'terror' for me.

Dawn said...

Ah, sticks and stones Amy Monster.

Julie - Well no microwave popcorn here these days but there's room on the couch still. :)

Jill said...

All I can say is we will miss you! If you of us comes up missing,just think if you were there you may have been able to save us.

We love you!

ellen :) said...

hee, hee.... :) I am not into the haunted houses, either!

I am lovin your little chubby smilin ghoul ! :) SHe is just too cute! :)

Renee said...

I am with you on this one Dawn! I hate horror/scary stuff. I will stay home and enjoy the peaceful house.

I can't believe how big Ashley is getting. So cute!

mrs.notouching said...

I love Ashley's dimple! I have never carved a pumpkin... but now that we have Leila I think we will try to get into holiday spirit.

Dawn said...

Jill - Save you?? Who's going to resuscitate me when I keel over from a heart attack? I loved hearing your Friday night stories. That's fun enough for me.

Ellen, Renee, and Daiva - Way to side with me. ;) Daiva - Time to hit the pumpkin farm. Leila would love it. Do they have pumpkin farms in Cali?

Debbie said...

Can't say i'm a fan myself but I like the occasional scare ;) Love the picture!