Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yet another new adventure.

Tommy made his altar serving debut tonight. He's been looking forward to this for a long time and the day was finally here.

We got him there nice and early and get him in his robe and I can tell by his demeanor that he's getting a major case of the nerves. I'm trying to keep things light when he gives me that look and says teary eyed, "I don't feel good." Best remedy for this when Tommy gets nerves is get him outside into some air before he pukes. And as if God was watching we head outside and up strolls my Dad and brother. Grandpa is Tommy's idol, a sports junkie, and supreme goofball. Tommy had a hockey game and two basketball games earlier in the day. Grandpa was quickly able to divert Tommy from the upcoming task to sports. After telling of the days games soon he was calm again and at least not feeling like he was going to puke. We get him back inside and Fr. Bill was just as wonderful and supportive as Dad was and kept Tommy calm. And I was quasi-thankful for the nerves because then I was nervous and didn't end up tearing up like I thought I would as I usually do when he hits another big life moment.

First big battle is holding the book for Fr. Bill and Joe and I could both see him wobbling up there and I could just see him going timber or worse puking. Thankfully he survived and the rest of the mass he didn't seem too bad.

Ashley went bugs right before communion so we were waiting for him out in the gathering space when he got done. He comes in and in typical arrogant Tommy fashion exclaims, "is there an easy button in here because... THAT WAS EASY!" Dork. He said he had a very good time and can't wait to serve again. We made it! Thank God!


Julie said...

He truly did do an excellent job. I noted a couple of yawns though - big, busy, good day. He looked pretty awesome on the b'ball court this afternoon as well: making baskets, stealing the ball, up and down the court. WTG Tomster!

Amy said...

How great that he is able to be so nervous and go through with it!!

Tell him that he can push the EASY button in my room:)

With all these milestones for him, pretty soon you will be talking about him dating and driving:)

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie - I caught him yawning too.

Amy - haha about your easy button. And lets not go there yet about dating and driving!

ellen :) said...

Dawn, I teared up FOR you! I always wanted Luke to be an altar boy, but he always said that he was afraid he would forget what to do and when to do it...I guess I hate to see him fail, and so never pushed him to pursue it. Anyway, Tommy looks so handsome in his robe! :) How grown up! Great job, Tommy! :)

Dawn said...

Thanks Ellen - I'm sorry Luke never got the chance. Hey, there's other ways of ministering, maybe he'll try something else when he's older.

He got to serve again tonight. He wasn't too nervous tonight.

Chris said...

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Jill said...

I always like Tuesday mornings or Monday's lunch time. Tommy comes in and tells me about everything I missed over the weekend. he was proud of him self! I just love that kid, what a good boy, and a great big brother.