Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Consumer safety is going to bankrupt us!

Our Maclaren strollers were recalled a few weeks ago. Thankfully, we just needed parts and that crisis was averted and no digits were amputated.

Our grill that blew up in July...well we waited until mid-October to throw it out and replace. Only to have it recalled for guess what? You got it, starting on fire!! Stupid dumb luck!

And now, drop side cribs!!!! Granted we don't have a StorkCraft but nevertheless we have a drop side. So do we run the risk of the side collapsing and the unthinkable happening; or go out and buy a new crib that she'll probably be scaling within a year anyways? We're going to turn the crib around and hoping that ends that worry since she only stands up on the one side begging for us to come rescue her.

We've had so many toys recalled which were too cheap to deal with bothering a recall so they just get pitched.

I swear consumer groups do this on purpose. Get things to fail so you have to buy new ones. We had to get all new car seats when Austin was born because 3-point harnesses were no longer safe for carriers, and the shield type seats for toddlers are a no-no too. It looks like Ashley is going to be able to use Austin's old one's though, that is until the next best thing comes out of course. Arg!

Dang it!! Is it asking too much to actually buy something and have it last maybe more than a couple years without running the risk of it injuring me or possibly killing me?!?! Gimme a financial break!


Julie said...

You can only wonder, sometimes if it is a racket to boost consumerism. Granted, there were casualties with the drop down cribs, but not THAT many. All it takes though for YOUR child to die and that changes the whole picture. I've said it before ... I grew up without shoulder harnesses, car seats, rode backwards in a stations wagon, sat between the back seat and the middle seat without a seat belt, and nothing happened. Things probably did happen but we didn't have all the television/communication devices we have. Lived in ignorance I guess.

Dawn said...

Well sometimes I think ignorance really is bliss, but only for some trivial things. I know we've come a long ways but yeah, I get kind of sad thinking my kids won't get to ride in the back of a pickup bed with their friends after winning a big ball game and all that jazz. But then you think just one slip and it could be disaster. I don't know...I'm rambling.

Amy said...

Hey, what happened to your fancy Christmas background???

That would stink to have to replace so much!! It's the whole having kids thing, they suck ALL of your money:)

Barbara said...

You make a good point. To be honest I find it difficult to keep up with all the recalls and rarely do I bother calling the company. We do have a Storkcraft crib. I'm waiting until things calm down and then I'll call. That is if I remember....

Jill said...

I think they have a repair kit for all drop side cribs. I have emailed, I will let you know what I find out.

Debbie said...

Can't believe you missed the window on your grill! Maybe they would take your blogging about it as proof?! lol. You need to be one calling in your complaint if there is a next time - then you'll get a replacement ;)

It is hard to keep with all the recalls! Scary!

tony said...

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Dawn said...

Man, been busy and away!

Amy - I took off the Christmas when I realized I was forgetting advent. Will say Merry Christmas in a few days. I can thank Beth (The Confused Homemaker) and her tweets for reminding me to savor the season and not rush right to Christmas. However I do have my house decked out so I don't know if I'm just nutty or what.

Barbara - One thing about the recalls is that a problem mainly occurred because people assembled them wrong. So I take comfort in knowing that Joe does a thorough job on things.

Jill - Thanks darling! You take such good care of me. :) And the girl!

Deb - We did call and Joe did get $100 off of our new grill after I posted this. So kudos to Joe! And Lowes I guess.

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