Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm still here...

I've just been crazy busy as I'm sure everyone is this time of year.

My house is suffering but for the most part we're all holding up pretty well.

I am enjoying December. It truly is my favorite time of the year though as Joe would say I love all the seasons when they are just beginning. I guess it's a good thing I live here in Michigan. But December is more than the beginning of winter to us obviously. I love the excitement the kids have, I love working on the school Christmas program, the senior holiday luncheon, the parties, the decorations, church services, seeing the family(s) (yup all of them) ;) and of course all the FOOD!! Plus, Tommy still has hockey games which I think is my favorite thing to do on the weekends. Minus the long drives. Could life get any better?

So yeah, the house is a disaster but honestly I don't really care (too much). About the only thing getting me quasi-down these days is Ashley and her sleep etiquette. But like the seasons, I know her sleep craziness will not last forever.


Julie said...

Have to agree, it is a exciting time of year. Throw in a snow storm (Wednesday?) and we'll be fully into the winter season here in MI.
BTW - love your wallpaper!

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie - If I could trade Faith for Hope it would be the perfect Advent background.

And I'm not counting on a snow day for Wednesday. They are all coming in January this year. Although February would be better in my schedule.

mrs.notouching said...

I don't share the love for this season, mostly because of self-induced stress, but I do love your new blog background!

Debbie said...

Another fan of your background - go girl!!!!!! Changing it up on your own - i'm proud :D

I love this time of year too

Dawn said...

Thanks girls for the kudos on the new background.

Daiva - We need to work on this self-induced stress of yours. ;) The New Year will be here before you know it.