Friday, September 17, 2010

A Long September

My does the time fly these days. All is well. I figure I'm overdue for an update so here we go.

We started the month with a trip to the point! Tommy is a rider and Austin too. However Austin is just 2 inches too short for the big coasters. Tommy was super brave riding all the biggies except for the ones that go upside down. We'll work our way up to them.

The kids are all doing well back to school. Austin & Tommy are both even years (2nd & 4th) and have the same teacher so had no trouble getting back into the classroom routine. And I'm doing well too. I have another great class.

I currently have a college class about reading and I was dreading it. However I'm surprisingly enjoying it very much and have learned so much in just a few short weeks. You're truly never too old to learn.

I've started ladies hockey again. I'm playing in the pink out at the Saginaw Spirit game next month supporting the fight against breast cancer. It was good to get back into hockey after a long summer off.

It's fund raising season of course. Tommy is selling Little Ceasar's for hockey & Hungry Howie's for his school Mackinaw trip. Our family is up to our ears in pizza.

Ashley started Honeybee's and did very well. She was nervous at first and tends to be a velcro kid but about half way through she started having some fun. And this crazy sap Mom nearly teared up when they played the "hello" song. Just remembering when my boys were babies. *sniff sniff*

Tommy's hockey team has started back into action. After last year's dream season we are hoping they can continue to do well. We are in Toledo for our first tourney this weekend. They already won their first game this afternoon 6-0. They play again tonight at 8:00. We'll see how it goes. We are thrilled to be back in the hockey action.

And the fall A!BM coed softball team is off to a good start winning our first game last week. It's so much fun with friends and it gives us our last taste of outdoor fun before the snow starts flying. And you know that'll be here before we can say Boo.

So that is our busy life. I hopefully will see you all before October.

And in case anyone is wondering, I haven't lost or gained anymore weight in forever. I guess I'm good though the Wii Fit says I need to lose 3 more pounds to hit my ideal BMI. We'll try to shed those last few over the next month.


Kiera Beth said...

Welcome back to school for both the kids & for you! That is wonderful that you are enjoying your class! Sometimes it feels nice to be back in the learning grove, doesn't it?

Sounds like there is a ton going on for you guys and I love all of the pictures of the kids! They are all getting so big!

Enjoy the fall!

Dawn said...

Thanks Kiera Beth! We will definitely enjoy the fall. And 2 weeks in to school and things are going great.