Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

What a great night. It was crisp and cool but we've had much worse over the years so we'll take it. My neighbor Rob always goes all out and loves scaring all the neighborhood kids. Tommy especially gets a kick out of him. He always tries to scare him instead but Rob always turns the tables on him. Poor Ashley though was definitely not enjoying their fun. She was very scared especially when Rob came flying through our house after Tommy. Everyone but Ashley thought it was hilarious.  She's a big chicken like me. 

Overall though she had a wonderful time trick or treating. We did a Monster's Inc. theme this year and the kids got so many compliments on their costumes. They were SO cute and there were so many people out tonight! Tommy was a great sport being something so childish.  He said all the little kids wanted to snuggle with him at school on Friday.  There is nothing cuter than Ashley hugging on him and calling him kitty. 

Austin won funniest costume in his division at school on Friday so that was cool.  I remember 7 years ago we went down to U of M to be with Austin after taking Tommy around our circle quick.  He was doing so well after being weaned off the ECMO and they were starting to wean him off his vent.   I think I'll always think of his first Halloween when we head out TOT.  For how rough his life started he's doing remarkably well.  I am a bit miffed at a neighbor a little ways down the road.  They had another couple over with them handing out candy and they had a very high step.  He had some trouble getting up and down this step and I had to help him.  We'd also find issues when people would say pick one.  He has to set his bucket down and then grab the candy and he just moves so much slower.  I was walking away and I hear the neighbor say "I'm not sure what but there's something wrong with him."  It didn't even faze me when I heard it but now hours later it's bugging me.  I wish I would have turned around and said, "No there's something wrong with YOU!"  But cool heads prevailed and hopefully they didn't mean anything malicious by it. It's probably no big deal.  I'll sleep on it and feel better tomorrow.  Can't let it ruin a great night.  So without further ado, a few of our holiday pics. Bring on Thanksgiving!
We all enjoyed carving our pumpkins.

Mike Wazzowski, Sully, and Boo were a big hit in town. Huge thanks to my mother-in-law for making Ashley's costume and also my costume I wore to school on Friday.
Zombie Rob - We could hear kids screaming the whole night. 

My Jack Skellington Pumpkin - Joe said it got many comments too. :)


Sheila said...

Love the costumes! That rude comment made my heart sink but I'm glad you didn't let it ruin your night. You're much stronger than I am! I love the pumpkin too!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Sheila, I really had a great time with Halloween this year coordinating the kids.

I'm already feeling better about Austin and know that I'm probably overreacting. Most people are just naturally curious and mean no harm. I just hated hearing the word "wrong!" Funny as I'm usually pretty insensitive myself. I have to always work on it.

Thanks also for the pumpkin love. It's amazing the ideas you can get from google images.

Julie said...

The kids look GREAT. I think you did the best thing by not commenting to the guy who said there is might be something wrong with Austin. There is something 'wrong' with all of us: some are too tall, too short, too wide, need glasses, etc etc. It wasn't worth the comment but sorry to say, Austin will probably hear more of this through life. Those of us who know him, know how far he has come in his 7 years of life.

Popcorn House said...

I agree with what Julie said you did good not commenting. I actually read this last night. It has been on my mind today. Sam has a hard time getting on the bus in the mornings for school. It makes it more obvious that it is hard for him when big brother just runs up those bus steps like it they are nothing. It makes me feel sad some days that our kids have to work harder then most. BUT like Julie said there is something wrong with all of us. I really appreciate reading all of your post. You do so many fun things with your family! And I can always see that you all are so happy! Great costumes and great pumpkins!!!

Dawn said...

Ah Julie - You always know the right things to say. You are so correct about their being something "wrong" with all of us. I need to remember that. Thanks for all the support for Austin and the rest of us. You're such a dear friend.

Suze - Thanks for your nice words. I am just so in love with my family and yeah we are a crazy bunch but we have a lot fun together. As for Austin, I wish I could keep him blissfully unaware that people find him different. But I think he already knows he is. I just hope he has good coping skills because like Julie says, he'll probably hear it a lot in his life.

Amy said...

I really loved the costumes. Your pumpkin rocked. I know I am a little bit behind here. Seeing how much fun you guys always have brings me many smiles. You guys are one neat family. Glad you handled the comment so well. Stuff like that bugs me. Wish I could bounce back as fast as you did. You're a wonderful mom.

Dawn said...

Thanks Amy - You're such a sweetheart.