Monday, October 4, 2010

Austin's news

Austin went to Ann Arbor today for his yearly physical medicine check up.  He's tightening up a bit more they believe because he's growing so Dr. Green has referred him for some extra therapy.  He'll be going back to the same place he went when he was an infant.  Once he got walking they were kind of at a crossroads with him because there really wasn't much more to work on with him and he was only 2 so it was hard to communicate.  So hopefully a few years later and being a much better talker and listener we'll see some improvement. 

She also insisted he get an extra-curricular activity going so I wasn't crazy in my other post about him needing to do something.  She said swimming is more of a life skill and to get him some private lessons and then into group lessons once he's more comfortable in the water.  So I figured that's what we'd do.  She then on a side note said it's too bad we live so far away because they are starting a hockey team for children with disabilities down there and Austin and I both perked up.  It's still in the planning stages but if it's a go and Austin gets accepted we'll find a way to make it happen.  He loves to play hockey and our living room is the site of at least one mini-stick game per day.  It will supposedly only be one day a week, and heck what's another child in travel hockey?  Austin's ice is fully paid for by a grant.  Thank you Dance Marathon!  Now we just have to wait and see but hopefully we'll hear something soon.  We would love to have another hockey player out on the ice. 

Austin also was fitted for new AFO's.  He actually loves this as it means new shoes in a few weeks.  That's my boy!  We go back on his birthday ~ the 26th.  And he has said every day for about a month now how his birthday is coming.  Maybe we'll be getting him his own #10 hockey jersey with A. Papesh on the back.  Now that would be sweet! 


Popcorn House said...

That would be awesome if he can play hockey!!! Sounds like a good appointment. Will be interesting to see how therapy goes this time around.

Sheila said...

I hope the hockey team works out! Keep us posted on the therapies, I'm always curious to see what others are doing. And how funny that he's happy to get new AFO's because it means new shoes! What a great attitude to have!

Amy said...

I'm glad the appointment went well and hope the new therapy will help him loosen up a bit.

You and Joe are such awesome parents and your commitment to you children is highly commendable!! I hope that Austin can get in that league and we look forward to coming to his games and seeing him in his A. Papesh jersey out on the ice!!

BTW - swimming sounds like a great thing for him and he loves the water!!

Renee said...

Sounds like it was a good appointment! I hope he is able to get in the hockey league. I am sure he would love it and you guys would enjoy watching him out on the ice!! I also hope the therapy helps him in all the ways the doctors are hoping it will! You have such an awesome little guy.

Barbara said...

Wow - that would be great if he could play hockey! I often whether Bennett will want to play and if so where will he play? Unfortunately we don't have many recreational activities geared towards kids that need a bit of extra time or help.

Good luck with therapy!

Dawn said...

Thank you all for commenting. We are excited to get his therapy going and we also heard from the hockey coordinator and he's in!!

Barbara - Same here. That's why we're willing to drive the 90 minutes. It'd be nice if there was more for him around here but you do what you got to do.

Renee said...

Yay on Austin getting in! I bet he is so excited! When does his season start?