Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chuck E Cheese - Not Just A Rat Establishment

So apparently the Saginaw Chuck E Cheese will have a hired police officer on sight on Thursday - Sunday.  For us personally this is about 7 years too late.  But first of all, how ridiculous that a children's establishment would have to have police presence at all. 

You can read the local article here. The article is rather lame, it's the outrageous comments that make you laugh right out loud.

Joe and I vowed never to go to Chuck E Cheese ever again on a weekend or even late on a weeknight after getting to witness one of these "family spars" back in January 2004.  I had infant Austin in a booth and Joe had almost 3 year old Tommy playing out in the game room when all hell breaks loose and people come running to the back of the restaurant claiming someone has a gun.  It was scary but nothing ever became of the incident and who knows if there was even a gun there but it was still enough for Joe and I to say "never again."  I remember dragging a heartbroken Tommy out of the place as our fun family night was abruptly put to an end.

Joe worked there in high school/college and said that every year there was one birthday party that always ended up with police called due to Baby Mama Drama.  Once a year.  Now it's a once a week thing.  Totally disturbing. 

Now about those LOL comments. I probably shouldn't be laughing.  The decent person in me knows that there are bad apples in every bunch that ruin everything for the good majority.  The human nature in me thinks something much more dastardly that I know is wrong so I won't voice it.

I will just sum this up by saying if Chuck E Cheese's new police presence every weekend does not curb the violence I'd honestly rather just have them close it down. I'm just waiting to read in the news about a homicide of some innocent bystander at CEC of all places.  Simply incredulous.


Renee said...

I totally agree. I was actually shocked when I heard they actually hired a police officer to be there.

Julie said...

Sad, sad, sad. It was a great place for family fun back in the day and you can't even say it is because the 'neighborhood has gone to pot."

Dawn said...

I know Renee, we've been there a few times together over the years but I guess we're smart enough to avoid the craziness.

Julie - So true, I wonder if the trouble would follow if they moved to say Midland. I guess there and the mall you just have to avoid at certain times. Definitely a sad state of affairs.

Jill said...

All I can say is I agree.
My Tiffany wanted to work there:(