Monday, August 1, 2011

Woah Summer

Please slow down. 

It's August - which is like Sunday if you compare summer vacation to a weekend.  But at least it's early Sunday morning when you're just waking up and you have the whole day ahead of you. 

It's been a very different summer for the family. But it's been a good summer I guess I can say 2/3 of the way in. 

There was no hockey camp to cart Tommy to this year which he won't complain about.  Since he was 4 years old he's been allergic to hockey camp.

We said goodbye to Fr. Bill our priest of 12 years and welcomed Fr. Tipton.

We are not going to Florida this summer and really aren't taking any extended vacation at all.  This will be only the third time since we've been married we have not gone.  1998, 2001, and now. 

We've soaked up some fun and sun with a few trips to Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure.  You know your kids are spoiled when they don't want to go to the fair.  Talk about desensitizing. 

Our yard has never looked better and I've got more ideas brewing in my head for future years.  Just need financing.  ;)

Joe just accepted a new job at Dow Chemical so get ready for more change.  I hope he likes it and does well. 

We've biked a bit, walked a bit, and watched a lot of baseball! The Tiger's are in 1st place and I keep waiting for the mid-season collapse to happen.  And I can't believe I'll admit this but I am rooting hard for Boston and New York to beat up on Cleveland and Chicago this week!

So hello August, time to really allow myself the okay to think about back to school, which really doesn't happen until after Labor Day.  10 years ago I had a 6 month old and was looking at student teaching and I remember the first day of school was August 20th! At least I have five solid weeks left! I'm sure the kids are thankful too!


Sheila said...

I agree, summer is flying by as it always does! I'm glad you're getting in some fun though. We head back to school on August 29th so only 3 1/2 weeks left. Ugh!

Dawn said...

Well at least I have all of August without students. ;) I do realize that all of life seems to fly by but summer is the only season that I want to linger on and on although I love every season and Michigan is the best place to live if you want to truly experience all four seasons. I've got it good.

Amy said...

I like how you compared August to Sunday--so right on! I like that. I cannot believe that it is August already. The kids started back to school here this week. Crazy, huh?? All the snow days they missed this past winter left them with very little summer break. I get a bit lost in all that kind of back to school thing. I essentially school Emma all year round because she has so many off days. Of course, we try to take it easier during summer and get out some, but I don't have that same back-to-school mindset that I used to have. Very different for me, I tell ya!

I can say it seems like the season is breezing on by me. We didn't really get a good vacation this year.

Dawn said...

Amy - Wow, KY is back in school this week? Nuts! They must have A/C in the schools. You guys probably don't normally have so many snow days. We have 5 planned every year but we had 7 this year. Great snow season. I love a snowy winter. The ice and sub 20 degree temps can stay away though.