Thursday, August 25, 2011

Papesh Summer School


Those are the words I often hear from Austin when it's time to sit down and do the work I give him. I just don't get it. Some days he'll whip right through it, other days it's a lot of crying, whining, and maybe even an all out freak out. It's like the kid has a crazy switch that math seems to trigger. I don't know. But after daily lessons he is pretty proficient in addition and getting there with subtraction, he also can read larger numbers now, but writing them is still difficult. A bit scary as it took all summer to get here. His reading is better which is HUGE and for that I am thankful but I didn't even try working on the writing (not penmanship, but actual writing down ideas, stories, etc which he really struggles with.) I just didn't have the emotional strength to get through his writing block, my apologies to his 3rd grade teacher, and to Austin, I probably should have tried harder.

Tommy did well with his work but would also show some frustration at times on more difficult topics. He learned so much this summer, from fractions, to geometry, order of operations, I think we hit the basics in every math topic. Time to get that kid in some algebra!

On the weekends even Joe would get in on the action. He of course loved math/science so anytime Tommy was doing something that he could easily jump and help with he would and he would also help me with Austin too (sometimes even a few battles). It was cool watching Joe go back and channel his former mathleticism.

This year I will have Tommy in my classroom for Science. I am very excited. I've also decided that I will not be helping him at home with any of the homework, studying, or project work. No my friends that will be left to his Dad, who I know is up to the task. I just don't want Tommy having too much of an edge because his Mom is teaching the class. It'll be a big prep for when I have him for more classes in the coming years. YIKES!

Only a few more days "of torture" and then the kids and I will be back in school and their new teachers can continue the excruciating task of educating my kids. Cheers to a new school year which is only about 10 days away.


Julie said...

Not even a week of vacation from studies in the Papesh household???? :-) WTG Mom!! No doubt they will find it easier to get back in the grind of things on September 6th.

Sheila said...

Kudos to you! Now I feel like a total slacker since I did no school work with Malayna outside of summer school! Although she doesn't take well to me trying to do that kind of stuff with her, she prefers me to just be Mom. I'm sure it helps the kids tremendously though!

We're scheduled to start school here on Monday but with hurricane Irene bearing down on us we're not likely to have power so it's likely that our opening will be delayed by a day or more.

Amy said...

I am impressed with those summer achievements. Most kids don't like math. I was one of those. It made me crazy too. So glad Joe is able to step in and help with it. You sound like both my parents. I had both of them for teachers. No special treatment, believe me. I do think the other kids and parents respected my parents and me more for doing it that way though. Can't wait to hear some stories about having Tommy in your class.

Good luck with school starting. I bet the boys will do great this year. They are such cuties.

Dawn said...

Thanks girls - We are taking the week off of book work. Just flash cards for Austin and if they want to read cool!

Amy - I didn't know your parents were teachers. No wonder you are such a great home schooler! I'm excited to have Tommy in class. I hope he doesn't give me too much trouble.