Saturday, September 3, 2011

Conversation T-shirts ~ Love em or Hate em?

As far as the braggy ones go I hate them. No really, I LOATHE them! I'm happy I teach in a Catholic school and only have to see a few of them on our beloved jean days. And apparently there was enough bru-ha-ha about this shirt that JCP has pulled it from it's stores. I personally don't like the shirt but I'm kind of in the camp of "if I don't like it I don't buy it."  I can think of A LOT WORSE that people wear. 

Some shirts I despise more than others and they're mainly aimed to kids Tommy's generation. The sporty braggy shirts that might say "I'm so good even your Mom cheers for me," or "my better is better than your better."

I just don't like them!

Granted some are funny, back in the day I desperately wanted to find an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt with the arrow pointing towards the person you're with. I never did get one and I think I don't want one anymore. So don't go getting any ideas!

My Grandma got me a sweatshirt when I was in high school that said "not only am I perfect but I'm a red head too." I thought it was pretty dorky but wore it to school one day and I think one person (a blonde) called me a beast and said "darn, I can't wear that." Thanks Grandma :)

Braggy bibs??? Ashley has two bibs she still uses. The one says "My Mom is Hotter than Your Mom!" and I laugh but I cringe because chances are, I'm not hotter than the new Mom who's only 24. I hate that bib. Her bib that says, "I'm the Princess we'll do things my way" absolutely adorable and truthful.  Her shirt that says "brothers 4 sale" with the writing all preschool, eh sad to say I find it cheesy and tacky.  Why did I buy it??

I think that I know what my issue is with these conversation pieces.

Are you trying to brag?? "It's not bragging if you can back it up." I take a little issue with Austin wearing a basketball shirt that says "I'm big time" when he obviously can't play basketball, heck I'd take issue with Tommy wearing that because we're not "big time ballers." 

Are you being vulgar trying to be funny??  I found a hilarious t-shirt online but it's too inappropriate to post on this PG blog. I might like your shirt if you're at the bar, I'll hate it and YOU if you wear it to Cedar Point which is filled with children.  The FCUK craze; DROVE ME BONKERS so glad that seems to have fizzled! 

Are you just trying to demonstrate who you are??  I have a few Math t-shirts that officially push my geekness into the stratosphere.  Do you <3 fishing?  Is Your Boss A Jewish Carpenter? I'm not opposed to these again if they're not bragging but gosh darn are they cheesy!

I did find this shirt today when doing research for my post and those of you who know me personally will find it absolutely hilarious.You can click on it to go to the site and buy it for me.  haha
I guess I have to chalk up another victory to free speech. I'm glad you can buy whatever nutty shirt you want and can usually wear it wherever you like. I do worry though when kids are wearing these shirts though that might not be so nice, untrue, or too mature for their youthful selves. But I think it's again something that should be left up to the parents. I can just see it now, warning labels on clothing. Must be 18 or accompanied by an adult to buy this shirt. My goodness what would I have done in 7th grade if I hadn't been able to buy my "Don't like my attitude? Dial 1-800-EAT-SHIT" key chain at Spencers. Yeah, I thought I was cool. Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!


Amy said...

Well, I laughed by butt off on this one. I am with ya! I HATE those sweat pants and shorts that teens wear that say "princess" on the arse! Hate em!!! Now, I don't get all messed up if I see a little girl with them on. But the big girls drive me batty. What is worse is a woman my age, borrowing them from the teenage daughter, and wearing them to WalMart. Okay, make me puke. Those bug me the worst!! Okay, I feel better gettin' that off my chest. Oh and I hate those new very short shorts that teens and young girls wear--the ones where their butt cheeks hang out. SO GROSS!!! One might say that I am just jealous cause I am fat. Not so, I had hanging booty! I don't think I would like seeing it if I was a size 2. What's the deal with those anyway? Shouldn't they be illegal or something?

Dawn said...

haha Amy - So glad I could make you laugh and I'm laughing with you over your response. You are so right about the words on the butt!!! I'd never, ever, not even if I had a nice tushy wear something like that. One of my favorite and funniest students ever made the big joke when Beyonce's "bootylicious" was popular that he couldn't believe she was singing "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" and all he could think of was flab. LOL Yeah, no butt hangings please.

Julie said...

Have to agree with you 100% but like you say, freedom of speech. We love it!! Dawn and Amy ... thanks for the smile!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Julie - Yes, what would we do without our freedoms?