Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Pet Peeve Revisited

I wrote about the National Anthem back in July you can read it HERE if you've forgotten what I had to say back then. Well once again I'm back touting my love of our National Anthem and just how crazy it makes me when people disrespect our anthem.  I find that the best spectators are at the Saginaw Spirit games.  If you have a good singer (and they often have a regular performer) then the crowd will sing along proudly with both the Canadian and American National Anthems.  No one tries to get to their seats, they simply stop where they are at and show respect to the countries not to mention the folks performing.  The Red Wings games are also very nicely done for now, until the whole lets scream the word RED when "rocket's red glare" craze finds it's way here.  See the Washington Capitals if you want more on that.  Or Dallas for their screaming of "whose broad stripes and bright STARS!" 

I won't dwell on and on about people driving me crazy during our anthem because it simply will not do any good.  But what does make me feel better is this clip from Slap Shot.  What a classic hockey movie; be warned that they drop the F-bomb in this clip.  And I loathe the very overused and pretty much desensitized F word but I thought it was pretty funny during this part of the movie.  And for the record my kids will not be watching this movie anytime soon; they can stick with The Mighty Ducks series.


Steve Finnell said...

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Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across your site. I was happy to hear that you are a sporty family. My two fav. sports are hockey and football. But I enjoy watching soccer, basketball, baseball and lacrose. Your kids are great, beautiful handsome, and precious kids. I was born with a rare life threatening disease. I love it when people sign my guestbook.

Julie said...

I agree with you!! I really think it is disgusting when the camera will pan the team players during the playing of the anthem and they are just standing there, jawing their gum, or whatever. I'm proud to be an American and if American dollars are paying their wages - they should at least SING the anthem - or lip sync!

Dawn said...

Hello Steve

Hi Jenna - Thanks for commenting. I will check out your site.

Julie - I hear ya! I'm even okay with them okay not singing but at least stand still, eyes on the flag, and be respectful!