Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bikes, beer, and sickies

Good evening campers. Been a few days I guess. I had all intentions of posting some pics of us at the Bay City Rail Trail. The boys did great, Tommy biked the whole 9.2 miles. So much fun. This was Sunday. My IL's brought over some homemade beer that night too. We've had enough of that for a while I think.

Yesterday I progressively got to feeling crummy. Today I feel like I got run over by a truck with a full blown summer cold. Aren't those the worst?

We leave for Disney the day after tomorrow! It's been raining like crazy down. I hope that it trades places as MI is in a bit of a drought and I don't feel like having my vacation washed up. Each day has rain in the forecast, hopefully just a quickie storm though. That is normal for FL.

Well I'm hoping for better sleeps tonight! Don't want to be feeling bad for Florida.

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