Monday, July 23, 2007

The next Tiger Woods lives here.

So Austin had a first today. I took him and Tommy putt putt golfing. On the 3rd hole Austin got a hole in 1! It was quite comical. The front 9 went much smoother than the back 9. I decided that after fishing balls out of the water for the gabillionth time I'd never take them putty golfing again. Then at the end you have the hole that is way high and I thought impossible to sink one in. Well I did it and won a free game. So I guess I will have to take them golfing again.

In other news we had our 2nd evening of VBS. The boys are having a great time. I'm helping in the recreation department. Fun Fun!!

The 3 of us should definitely be losing weight without our personal chef here to cook for us. We've lived on the Genji leftovers from Friday, pb&j, and hot dogs. Austin and I did plow through a block of cheese so we at least got our dairy. Oh yeah, and cucumbers from my neighbors garden. They are out of town and we're in charge of the plants and feeding the fish. They've let me lose on their cucumbers. ahhh, delicious. Can you tell that I am not a gourmet here? Either way we are surviving without Joe but definitely miss him.

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Debbie said...

WTG Austin! I think golf would be much better with only 9 holes, lol! Your eating habits w/o Joe crack me up!