Sunday, July 22, 2007

Softball Happenings

So today was our coed softball tournament. We did well and took 2nd place. The team that won was very good but we lost due to one bad inning. That was usually the case with all our losses. Oh well it was fun. Our record for the season was 5 wins, 4 losses. This was our best season so far and we've been playing together since 2002. I guess we are going to play fall ball so at least this wasn't the end. It's quite the family and coworker affair. My Dad, brother, and husband play along with 2 cousins. Then the rest of team for the most part is my St. Elizabeth School coworkers. It's full of good camaraderie that is for sure. Man, so close yet so far away. I was hoping to post some championship trophy pics tonight. Maybe one of these days our team will actually win it all. As I say, stranger things have happened.

Joe is loving CA, Disneyland anyways. I think tomorrow he actually has to go to his conference. I think he'd much rather play at Disney. But he'll be back; only 10 more days until we leave for "the World."

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