Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Jib-Jab Review

I seriously have been waiting all month for this. I guess I can say I was a little disappointed though. It's okay but definitely not the hilarious hits of 2006 & 2007. Maybe it'll grow on me.

So do you Jib it? or Jab it?


Debbie said...

eh, i'm not too impressed either - especially with all the great material for this year, lol

Barbara said...

I love those things but this one doesn't do much for me either. You think they could have come up with some better stuff.

sherri and Adam said...

I wasn't impressed with this one either?!?! Oh well!

Dawn said...

See I knew I wasn't crazy. Just a little disappointing. At least I always have my elves I can watch. I showed my MIL this site last week and she did the whole "disco yourself" with her and my FIL. I LMAO.

Deb - I see your man Blagojevich is right there on the front.

Oh and Barbara - crazy weather lady, we are having buckoo thunder and lightning this morning and our snow is melting. Wahhh!!!

Thanks for commenting girls.

Jill said...

Your right could be better, but it was cut.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

Dawn said...

Yeah Jill, it was okay I watched it a few more times today and it does have some good things. Harry Potter showing off his wand was funny. ;) We did have a nice Christmas, thanks. I hope you all did too.