Saturday, December 27, 2008

The top 11 events of 2008!

And what a year it was! This will be long. Feel free to skim!

11. Washington DC with my students
Another great trip probably highlighted by being thrown in the pool with my clothes on. Everyone should have this done once to them in their lifetime. It’s like right out of the movies. Speaking of movies I can’t forget to mention that we saw Ben Stiller filming Night at the Museum II. That was exciting. All the other typical DC stuff was great too like the Capitol, all the monuments, the Smithsonians, the Basilica visit, etc. I guess I should mention all that too.

10. 5 weddings!
*April – Chris & Jen
*August – Angie & Tim
*August – Jacob & Meagan
*September – Josh & Kristen
*October – Kristine & Scott

It was a record year for us as far as weddings go and how much fun did we have? Oh lots.

9. Austin's hospitalization in May.
Not a positive experience but definitely one worth mentioning. It was his only seizure so far and it sent us on a flurry of U of M trips for EEG's, MRI's and other testing. As it looks now it was just a fluke probably brought on by a fever. Let's hope that it's the only one he ever has. Thanks again to Julie and my Mom for being so helpful during that very stressful night and also my neighbors for boarding Tommy until my IL’s picked him up. The whole thing was made 100x worse as the paramedics put the IV and the immobility board thingy on his good arm making him super miserable.

8. Austin's preschool graduation.
He looked so darn cute up there singing his Mr. Golden Sun song in his royal blue cap and gown. He also got the nod to head to Kindergarten where he is doing well. He’s such a popular little stinker. We are still not sure on 1st grade, but there is a lot of year left. He is the shortest kid in his class and I'm sure he gets away with murder because he's so cute. I don't even want to go see him at lunch anymore because he always has to be silly for his friends and calls me Mommy Barbie or Mommy Toilet Paper to thunderous laughter. His humor kills me.

7. Rambler Gatherings
*January – A wild gathering in Indiana at Angie’s place with Deb along too was especially unforgettable.
*July – A tamer gathering with a doubtful but newly pregnant me in Illinois at Deb’s place. Deb bought me three Dollar Tree pregnancy tests and they all showed up positive. A baby is on the way for sure. Angie was there, and Heather made it from Pennsylvania. A bonus with this trip was that I got to meet fellow Turner’s Mom Kelly & her daughter Kenzee.
*August – Everyone gathered here without the kids in MI for Angie and Tim’s wedding. Jess & Heather came from New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Deb from Illinois, and Michele from California. I witnessed my first 2 tattoos during this weekend gathering. There was a wild bachelorette party.

6. Disney Trip
Disney is always a great time with the family. This was our first trip without an extended member of our family since before Austin was born so Joe and I were a little worried we couldn’t handle it all on our own. It was actually one of the best; I was prego so I did lots of relaxing whilst the guys went on all the exciting rides. The boys were super well behaved and of course had the best time. I think the new Toy Story Mania was the biggest hit of the trip.

5. NYC
A very exciting and memorable trip. Unforgettable actually! Traveling with Lupe, Jill, & Amy was great and I would gladly go anywhere with them. They are the best. It was cool to see Amanda, Lauren, & Toni there too though we didn’t travel together.

*The cab accident
*Times Square
*The Plataforma Restaurant
*The Today Show ~ Al, Meredith, Anne, & Matt were great! Piers Morgan and Billy Ray Cyrus as guests were the icing on the cake. And for the record I still stand by the fact that I said HI JOE!!!
*The storm on the tour bus
*The Ferry
*The Rats & Puke
*Hairspray ~ Norm from Cheers was amazing as the mother.
*The Statue of Liberty including the ferry ride.
*Ground Zero
*Central Park
*Chinatown – Eeks

I’m sure there are many more events that I’m forgetting. It was a jam-packed couple days but full of great memories.

4. Chicks with Sticks ~ Shoot down down.

*I’ll always be grateful to Sheri V. for talking me into doing this. What a great time I had, I can’t wait to start up again hopefully in the late spring.

* The Hat Chicks defeat Ms. Conduct in our charity game that started the whole hockey snowball rolling.

*Goalie Jill – Her screaming when you are skating at her on a breakaway is not something that ever leaves your mind. We played together on the Hat Chicks but in the Bay County League we were prime rivals. She won the battle as I never was able to score on her. ;)

*Stats – 1 goal, 2 assists – Not bad. The goal was sweet! Now how many chances did I have??? A gabillion, I just need to learn to shoot.

*Lisa C. in her Vancouver “Halloween” jersey! The rink manager was so giddy when she stepped on that ice in her vintage 80’s garb. She looked great and I feel bad that I had to bail on her and Michelle A. thanks to my baby. I don’t feel too badly though and I don’t think they hold it against me.

*Coach Bill – What can I say the man rocks. Thankfully I still see him as he coaches Tommy. He swears more at the kids than he did with us.

3. Tommy's Sports – hockey in particular.
*Bamberger Insurance - January started off with a bang as his team won the Friendship tournament, the championship game we were down 5-1 in the 3rd came back to tie it and won in sudden death overtime. His team got 2nd place in a Traverse City tournament, Tommy was named MVP for one game. His team then won the League tournament in a double overtime sudden death win. We had some great times with this "family." They only lost 2 games all year. Tommy secured his place in hockey on defense. His coach was named Saginaw Coach of the Year.

*He won the fastest skater competition in the Saginaw Spirit Shoot Skate Score competition.

*Mid-Michigan Stars - His team won the Last Dance Tournament in May. We got to travel to Toronto for a tournament where his team was crushed but it was awesome to see Toronto and also the stop in Niagara Falls with the Andriot's was memorable.

*Bay County Blizzard - He kicked butt in tryouts and is now playing solid defense for the Big Blue! The team is doing well and continues to improve. We also love the families and the coaches.

*Baseball - We moved him up to Minor's and he did well. He loves catching. He also was asked to play on the Reese 8 & under tournament team. The team didn't fare too well but it made for some fun weekends and broke up the hockey train for a few.

2. My 30th birthday party!

What an awesome awesome awesome surprise!! I was so snowed. Having it in a Tiger suite with my best friends and family was an event that probably hits in the top 10 events lifetime for me. The Tiger’s also won that game, which was great since they lost more than they won last year. To Joe & my friends, you pulled off the most spectacular surprise in Dawn history. It’s so funny to look back in hindsight at how weird you were all acting the days leading up to it. I still can’t believe it didn’t get spoiled and that I had absolutely no clue. Am I really that gullible? Thanks everyone for making it happen!

*1*Drum Roll Please*1*

And the #1 event of 2008 I’m sure you’ve guessed it already is the conception of our March baby! Joe and I, as well as boys and rest of family are absolutely thrilled to add on to our family. And I should probably mention a bit frightened by the fact that it was so long ago when Austin was a baby and we are afraid we’ve forgotten just how tough it is to raise a child. A year ago, Joe and I both thought maybe our baby days were over. We didn’t think we could handle the pain of another loss and didn’t know if the risk was worth it. Thankfully, as with most things, time is a great healer and we took the plunge in May and were rewarded with a BFP already in July! Our fastest conception yet, we are getting good at this. So far so good with this pregnancy and we can’t wait to meet our little Lucky Charm in about 11 weeks. Won’t be long now!

Honorable Mention
*The dress from White House/Black Market
*K of C Bingo
*Kristine’s bachelorette party
*JoDa’s 11th anniversary
*Tommy’s boo boo
*8th grade graduation
*Austin’s silver tooth
*Sod Farm & Everett Construction Coed Softball
*The SE golf outing – last place Woot!
*Hockey Parties
*Austin started learn to skate
*Tommy as Angel Gabriel in the Christmas play, Austin sang well.
*Tommy’s 1st Reconciliation
*Thomas the Train Live with Austin
*Getting Autumn Rose’s stone
*Awesome holidays.

There you go the top 11 events in 2008 I wonder what 2009 has in store for us? 11, are you kidding? That was like 111.


Amy said...

What an awesome recap!

You have definitely had a memorable year! So glad that I could be a part of many of these memories, as your friendship means alot!

We have had some great times this year, and I look forward to many more in 2009! Hopefully we can make it to Vegas in 2009; start gearing yourself up to leave the baby:(

Julie said...

WOW!!! hard to believe all of that happened in one year but it did. How you narrowed it down to the top 10 is beyond me. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Renee said...

Looks like you have had quite the year! It was nice reading and seeing how the year was. I hope 2009 is just as great!

Dawn said...

Thanks girls for the love. It's always fun to look back and see what has become of a year. I'm looking forward to a Super Fine 2009!

Vegas! Oh wow! We'll see, at least you invited the hubbies. I don't think Joe will let me leave him with 3 kiddos.

Barbara said...

Wow - a busy year for sure! I can't believe you're due in 11 weeks- you must be getting excited!

By the way - we had crazy winds here all day too. Nothing approaching a tornado but still a bit on the scary side.

I hope 2009 is a great year for you!

Joe said...

Hey - that's a pretty decent list, but I don't get why there are 11... Isn't it usually a top 10 list? Also why isn't spending another glorious year married to me in the top 3? You forgot having your poor aunt painting our house interior from your honorable mention list...

Let's have a superfine o'nine, and hope the lord can help us with this new bundle, because I don't know how we are going to do it sometimes :)

Dawn said...

Barbara - It finally settled down and now it's going to get cold again. It's definitely interesting. Thanks for commenting, it was a year for the record books and hopefully next year will be even better.

Joe - I thought the DC trip was worth more than Honorable Mention seeing Ben Stiller and all. And ah, yes another glorious year with you should have hit the top 3. ;) As for the baby, maybe we should say "Divine 09" instead of Superfine because I think we are definitely going to be needing much spiritual guidance this year. How can something be so wonderful and so scary at the same time. The Shrek baby scene has really freaked me out. haha.

Kelly said...

Thanks for making me feel like such a superstar! I made the list!
Hope to "meet" you again sometime, I was kind of out of sorts that day. Hope you have a divine, superfine, ummm can't think of anything else that rhymes, 09!

Dawn said...

Awe Kelly, glad I puffed you up a bit. It really was great to meet you and I was out of sorts not being able to ride anything but keeping quiet about why. At least I gave you and Deb a good laugh as I was sucked by a carny in that ball game. I'll never let that happen again. Still embarrassed by that one. I'm sure we'll be down in IL again sometime, would love to see you and cutie Kenzee again.

Jill said...

What a busy year you have had.
I'm so excited to see what comes in "09".

Dawn said...

It certainly was busy Jill, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Time definitely flies when you're having fun and chances are "09" will be flying for both us too!

Debbie said...

Great list! hahah, yes how much did you spend on that game?!!? LOL

Dawn said...

Yep, dumb dumb gullible full of myself me probably tossed $30 at that dude. Eh, loser. Hopefully I've lived and learned.