Monday, June 21, 2010

Hockey with Tommy

Well Tommy finally got his wish or maybe it was my wish but tonight I got to bring him to my ladies hockey night. With the summer they just have drop in without teams so the crowd is light. I had asked two weeks ago if the ladies mind if I brought him. And the gals agree the more the merrier as long as he doesn't act like a butthead and coast to coast, score and hog the puck the whole time. And the best way to prevent that is to simply put him on my team during scrimmage. That way he's not showing off to beat me. Plus, I'd warned him pretty intensely before going that he better not act like an animal out there. And he did a good job of listening for once. He didn't piss anyone off I don't think. He just skates so fast and smooth and passed the puck beautifully and unlike us oldies he never tired. He could chase pucks forever. Oh to be 9! I guess it was still good for him because he was very sweaty afterward. The ladies were pretty tough on him knocking him on his keister a few times. What we lack for speed we make up in size and brute strength I guess. And when I bugged him about not showing off he said, "geez Mom I only scored five times!" Which honestly wasn't that bad because we didn't have any goalies. Any old asthmatic goalies reading this that want to un-retire now is the time.

At the end I said I'd race him down and back the full ice. I figured he'd kill me but he actually didn't beat me that bad. Apparently I am pretty fast straight up, it's the turning, and skating with the puck that I am crappy at, not to mention stopping can be dangerous at times too. He said he was tired and that's why he didn't beat me that bad. Whatever, I don't know. I'm just happy I got to spend an hour with my boy doing something together we both enjoy but typically don't get to do. And it sure beat staining the deck which we did together earlier in the day.


Julie said...

Mother/Son moments are priceless. Sounds like you both had a good time.

Dawn said...

We did have a good time Julie - and he's just growing up too darn fast. All three of the kiddos are.

Amy said...

I'm sure this is something that Tommy will always remember! You are an awesome mom!!

The deck looks great so far!! Now get busy on that 2nd coat;)

Dawn said...

Awe thank Amy for saying I'm an awesome Mom. I'm ditching hockey tonight due to a sore back. Boo freaking hoo.

The deck is planned for a second coating on Wednesday. It seems our monsoon rains are behind us and the deck will hopefully dry out by then!

Kiera Beth said...

Sounds like a great Mother/son event! That is wonderful that the other girls are so understanding & that Tommy follows directions so well! You must be so proud!

The deck looks beautiful!

Dawn said...

I am KB thanks! He's a pretty good boy.